Incredible India 11 – Mysore – Day 2

Atop the Chamundi Hills of Mysore is the Chamundeshwari temple.  Chamundi is the fierce form of the god Shakti.  She is the slayer of demons. 

DSC00066 C 

This is a statue of Mahishasura.  The legend is that the goddess Chamundi killed Mahishasura, a king of Mysore.

DSC00068 C

DSC00075 C  DSC00076 C

Though a temple has been here for ages, this tall tower was built in 1827.

We passed lots of flower stalls on the walk up to the temple.  Worshippers buy flowers and coconuts for offerings.

DSC00070 C DSC00069 C

  DSC00074 CDSC00077 CDSC00073 CDSC00084 C

DSC00080 C  DSC00083 C

The temple inside is small and the spaces are disjointed.  It’s clearly not meant to be like the open space in a church or mosque.  You snake along with the crowd, leave your gift, peek at the god and move on.

It is like a street fair outside. 

DSC00087 CDSC00072 CDSC00088 CDSC00093 CDSC00096 CDSC00097 CDSC00094 C  DSC00081 C 

DSC00064 C Chamundi Hills temple 

Nearby is Nandi (the bull mount of Shiva).  This statue is actually white granite but has been blackened over the years by people rubbing it with oil.  It is over 15 feet tall and 24 feet long. 

DSC00099 CDSC00101 C

 DSC09908 -9 C1 Stitch

The Mysore Palace was originally built in the 14th century.  It has been rebuilt many times, the latest was after a fire in 1897.  Completed in 1912 and expanded in 1940, the architecture is Indo-Saracenic, a blending of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles. 

DSC09910 C

DSC00113 -5 C Stitch

DSC00116 -8 C Stitch

Mysore Palace gate C

This is looking back at the main gate.

No photos are allowed inside but I found these online.  Thank you

golden-throne  The throne room.

mysore-palace-interior  beautiful-dome


DSC09914 C        We travel to Kerala next!

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Incredible India 10 – Mysore – Day 1

Our tour headed south.  We flew from Jaipur to Bangalore and then took a long bus ride to the city of Mysore.  The roads seemed in better repair here and we thought there was less trash than in the northern cities.  More cows though!

DSC09906 C2

DSC00132 C2

DSC00125 C (2) DSC00131 C

DSC00128 -9 C Stitch

This was the view from our room.  The mesh screen is there to keep birds off of the window ledge.  Lots of green here.  It was much hotter and more humid too.  Our hotel was great, which was a blessing as Will suffered a sick day from food poisoning.  Not sure what he ate but it laid him low and he missed the tour to Somnathpur.

The village of Somnathpur is home to Keshava, an elaborate and intricately sculptured Hindu temple built in 1268. 

DSC09933 C

This porch is the gate into the walled enclosure.  It was smaller than I expected.  There were no big crowds so it had a more intimate feeling.  The temple is built on a star shaped platform and is completely covered in carvings.

DSC09936 C

DSC09978 C

Inside, the temple is close, dark and could be claustrophobic.

DSC09966 C DSC09963 C DSC09959 C DSC09965 CDSC09951 CDSC09952 C


DSC09938 C DSC09969 CDSC09973 CDSC09972 C

DSC09974 C

DSC09939 CDSC09975 CDSC09943 CDSC09947 C

DSC09941 CDSC09940 C

DSC09948 C  I love all the elephants!


The countryside surrounding Mysore……..

DSC09915 CDSC09916 CDSC09917 CDSC09980 CDSC09985 CDSC09987 CDSC09990 C2DSC09992 C2DSC09989 CDSC09993 CDSC09994 C3

We stopped to see sugar being produced.  The cane is cooked down and the slurry is spread out to dry on cut logs.  Not sure what the next step is….

DSC09996 C Sugar making DSC09999 C

DSC09995 C DSC00001 C

A little cat lives here so I took that as a good sign. (We saw very few cats in India.)

Next we went to the summer palace of the Mysorean ruler, Tipu Sultan. 

         DSC00004 C Tipu's palace

Unfortunately the outside of the palace was under repair and no photos are allowed inside.  Daria Daulat Bagh (Garden of the Wealth), built in 1784, is a 2-story building constructed mostly of teak wood.  It’s rich and dark and the walls and ceilings are painted with murals.  Many of the rooms open up to the outdoors.  Here’s a picture of the inside from Wikipedia .

220px-Tipu_Sultans_summer_palace_bangalore_inside2 (2)

The grounds are lovely…..  Lots of school groups on field trips!

          DSC00008 C

DSC00012 CDSC00010 CDSC00013 CDSC00014 C 


Tipu’s tomb, Gumbaz, was initially built by Tipu for his father.   

DSC00018 C Tipu's mausoleum  DSC00021 CDSC00033 C  DSC00028 C

DSC00030 C  Park-like grounds draw families.

DSC00016 C

And all sorts of odds and ends are for sale just outside the gate.


          DSC00040 C

In the late afternoon we walked a few blocks from our hotel to a city market.

DSC00042 C  DSC00045 C

DSC00041 C Mysore market DSC00044 C 


A product from home!

DSC00056 C  DSC00052 C 


DSC00058 C 

And a couple little cats peeking out from a rice stall.

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