A Day in Seattle

I’m testing how Windows Live Writer works to see if I can use it on our next trip.  Ha!  Here’s a map feature! 

Map picture

On Tuesday we took the bus into Seattle for the afternoon.  We rode the Lake Union trolley to see where it goes.  It’s a short ride down to the new park on the edge of Lake Union.  There’s lots of building going on around there, new tech office buildings, apartments and restaurants.  It’s “not quite there yet” but it won’t be long before it’s a vibrant part of the city.





We walked around down town and, as you can see from these pictures, it was a beautiful day.DSC03752






We went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Picasso Exhibit.   




The Hammering Man is outside the museum.  And the cars hanging from the ceiling are inside the museum.  No pictures were allowed in the Picasso show.



We headed home, into the bus tunnel…….



DSC03765 C



…….and across Lake Washington.  (You can just see Mt. Rainier in the distance.)


It was a lovely fall day.



DSC03759 C


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Gracia's Travels is a photo blog. I always take too many pictures on trips so I justify my compulsion with this blog! The blog is mostly photos - they tell the best part of the story. Please contact me if you would like to use any of my photos.
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2 Responses to A Day in Seattle

  1. Susan Shanafelt says:

    Great idea, Gracia, and I am so impressed with what you can do. Your Seattle pictures are great and I look forward to reading (and seeing) you blog of your adventursome trip. Bon Voyage Susan

  2. Tammy Moseley says:

    Hi Gracia & Will! I so enjoyed doing this on your last trip and am looking forward to sharing your trip with you again! You are amazing for doing this blog! I hope to learn how to do this someday! Enjoy your trip – looking forward to hearing from you about all your adventures! Have a fun and safe trip!

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