At Sea – 2 Malta


Well, I’ve caught the inevitable cold.  It laid me low with a sinus headache on the morning we arrived in Malta.  I hated to miss this beautiful island but Will went off with camera in hand and brought back some photos to tempt me to return here someday.

Malta sits in the middle of all the Mediterranean Sea lanes and has been a strategic stronghold for empires from the days of Phoenicia to Great Briton.

The ship docked right below the town of Valletta, the “new” fortress city of Malta.  Built in the 1500s on the top of a rocky peninsula, it has very straight streets rather than ancient curvy ones.

DSC03844 NauticaDSC03840

It’s one of the tiniest capitals of Europe, roughly 1/2 mile wide by 1 mile long with a population of 7000.

There is a heavy English influence.  They drive on the left and speak English besides Maltese.  Here are a couple of our travel companions checking out the local phone booth.


They have these pretty enclosed wooden balconies.


The Lower Barrakka Gardens.

DSC03828 Lower Barrakka GardensDSC03830

Views of the harbor.


There is a modern city across the Marsamxett Harbour.  And an older one across the Grand Harbour.

DSC03817 Modern MaltaDSC03835

Looks like they protect pedestrians from traffic careening down steep streets.


And Will even found a pretty cat to add to the collection!


I did get off the ship in the afternoon.  They had wi-fi at the port so I could send my last post.  It took 20 minutes to download!!  Lucky it was free or you’d be reading only text…

Day at sea.

We’ve had a day at sea traveling between Malta and Valencia, Spain.  These are the first “high seas” we’ve encountered on the trip.  It got pretty rocky over night and has kept up all day.  We are feeling fine but more than a few other passengers are a bit green.  We met one of the “enrichment” presenters (not a good one actually – but that’s another story) at breakfast who was not well and has had all day to feel worse as his talk isn’t until 5:30.  We’ve really enjoyed the other speaker, an Englishman with a great sense of humor.  He is speaking on assorted historical topics from the areas we are traveling to and through.  Today he talked about Napoleon’s campaign to Egypt.  Napoleon stopped in Malta for provisions and had to attack and take over in order to get them.  The other day the topic was Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse – fact or fiction.  He makes history come alive with entertaining patter and good graphics.

My cold is at the irritating cough stage so I’m keeping my distance from fellow passengers.  Tomorrow is Valencia, where we have been before so no pressure to run around to see everything.  We’ll take it easy and hope the weather we’ve been traveling through has moved on!


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One Response to At Sea – 2 Malta

  1. Joanne says:

    Hello from rainy, cold Seattle/Snoqualmie! I am enjoying keeping up with your whereabouts. Gorgeous pictures; Tom’s parents used to go to Malta for little vacation breaks when dad worked in the oil industry in Tripoli, Libya. I am particularly enjoying the kitties pictures. But you and I are partial to kitties, right? Tom and I are off to Houston on Saturday. Love from Joanne

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