At Sea 6 – Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands.  It’s main port, Santa Cruz, has a population of 225,000.  It’s a bustling European city.  Seeing a map of a place and seeing the place are two different things.  The island is much larger than we expected.  Our little group of six thought we would drive around the whole island in a day but our cab driver/tour guide suggested a drive along the northern coast – wise choice.

We drove up the hill out of the city, which was in a fog, and popped out on top to an amazing view of the volcano, Mt Teide.

DSC04986 (2)DSC03881 C2 (2)

The town of Orotava, hugs the side of the mountain.  Balconies are very popular.  This building is called “The House of Balconies”.  The carved woodwork is from the 17th century.  It is a gift shop now and has a beautiful court yard.

DSC05001 C (2)

DSC05002 (2)DSC03887 (2)

More balconies.

DSC05008 (2)

We visited a lovely botanical garden.

DSC03912 (2)DSC03920 (2)

DSC05007 Poinsettias (2)  These are huge poinsettia plants!

In Puerto de la Cruz there is a long “boardwalk” in front of a string of hotels and restaurants.  There is a small black sand beach at one end.  Along the front, a huge pool complex sticks out into the ocean.  The town is very touristy – menus in 6 languages!  Still, it looked like a fun place to stay and the weather is perfect.

DSC05019 (2)

You know you’re in Europe……

DSC05014 Pools of Puerto de la Cruz (4) (2)

Sorry about that.

DSC05024 (3) (2) DSC05021 (2)  Check out the name of this store!

DSC05038 (2)

This is the Tree of the Dragon, said to be 3000 years old!  You view it from a pretty church plaza where I saw this musician.  It’s some kind steel drum, has a great sound.             Notice the tattoo on his head.

DSC05042 C (2)

We continued along the coast to Garachico.  There are “natural” swimming pools in the volcanic rock at the edge of the ocean.  The volcano last erupted in the 1700s.

DSC03957 (2)DSC05061 (2)

Looks pretty tricky getting out!  Wave action makes the water slosh around a lot, rising and falling several feet in a few seconds.

After our drive we spent the late afternoon walking around Santa Cruz.

DSC05066 Santa Cruz (2)DSC05071 (3)

And here’s the cat that swallowed the Canary……

DSC05040 (2) (2)     Island…….

Oh, no he didn’t!

DSC05005 (2)

By the way, what’s this we hear about snow in Seattle?!!


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