At Sea 10 – Ghana

Cruise Map Mid

Our ship docked in Takoradi.  It was just a fishing village when it was chosen to become Ghana’s first deep-water seaport.  It’s lively now with decent roads and a busy market center in the middle of town.  Our guide, Asante, is from the Ashanti area, farther north into Ghana.  He earned a degree in tourism at the Cape Coast University.  We took a spin through the campus on our drive.  It’s a large reasonably modern facility.  Asnate spoke proudly of his country’s progress in democracy.  They recently had elections with a peaceful changeover in the government.

The first thing I noticed was that this country is Christian – about 65%.  They name their shops with Christian motos.  And they name their cars too.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the “God is Dependable Plumbing Co.”

DSC05804 (2) (2)DSC05877 Sympathy (2) (2)

DSC05860 (2) (2)DSC05878 With God (2) (2)

Asante said the older the car the more likely it is to have a religious name in hopes of keeping it running!

We saw many buildings and houses painted by companies for advertising.  Many people live in pretty sad conditions.

DSC05764 (2)   DSC05736 (2)

We drove an hour up the coast to St George Castle in Elmina.  It was built by the Portuguese in the late 15th century, then occupied by the Dutch, French and British.  It’s large and foreboding and sits on the beach at the mouth of a river.  Like Goree Island in Senegal, slaves were held here before they were shipped west.

DSC05761 (2)DSC05752 (2)

DSC05702 (2)DSC05709 (2)

DSC05715 (2)DSC05747 (2)

DSC05755 (2) (3)DSC05729 (2)

They were rebuilding boats on the beach.

This was the hottest day we’ve had.  It may have only gotten to 90 but the humidity is really  high.  This van did have air-conditioning but we were packed in pretty tight.  By the time we returned to Takoradi we were rather spent and opted to drive around the Market Circle rather than walk through it.  This is a full two-story foot ball stadium affair with shops all around the outside as well as inside which we could just peek into from the street.  It seemed somewhat more organized but had the same frenetic feel of the markets in Dakar and Banjul.

DSC05824 (2) (2)

Note the logo above “Every meal is a story”!

Here people carry huge loads on their heads, men too.  Our guide said they start as kids and when young he could carry 200 lbs!  They carry anything and everything.

DSC05758 (2) (2)DSC05819 (2) (2)

DSC05771 (2) (2)DSC05814 (2) (2)

There’s a baby peeking out from the umbrella above.

DSC05822 (2) (2)DSC05837 (2) (2)

That’s fish on the left and center, salad on the right!  Pretty handy …..rather hand-free.

The landscape here is lush and they have red dirt.  Our guide told us that their weather is changing with rain coming more often in the dry season.

DSC05783 (2) (2)

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2 Responses to At Sea 10 – Ghana

  1. Lu says:

    Great candid street shots.
    I opted not to go inside Cape Coast Castle – it spooked me out too much. Such a horrible time in humanity’s history…

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