Cape Town

We’re loving this city!  Our first impression was the fantastic waterfront and our ship docked right in the middle of it.  Cape Town has almost 5 million people but it doesn’t feel that large because it is spread out over almost 1000 sq. miles.

DSC06716 (2)

We were late arriving in Cape Town because of severe fog that kept us out in the bay till after noon.  When we finally got here there was a thick cloud covering Table Mountain like a table cloth.  The mountain is over 3,000 feet high and towers over the city.

DSC06689 (2) (2)    DSC06858 Busy Waterfront (2)

We spent our first day exploring the waterfront.  There are lots of shops and restaurants and a huge beautiful indoor shopping mall along the docks.  There are little pedestrian bridges that swing open or raise up to let boats through.

DSC06698 Lego Man - Coke Crates (2)   DSC06856 (2)

This Lego man is built out of Coke crates – no idea what for.

DSC06864 (2)

We keep being surprised by holiday décor.  They have the Christmas spirit in the mall.

The second day we checked into our B&B in the morning and after tea with our inn keeper we decided to see some sights on foot.  Saturday is a good day to spend in town as lots of people are about.  The B&B is well located to walk downhill into the old part of the city.  We walked through the lovely Company’s Garden.  It’s early summer and blooming.              (No wonder it doesn’t feel like Christmas to us!)

DSC06747 (2) (2)     DSC06735 (2)

We walked past Parliament.

DSC06752 (2)          DSC06749 (2)

And saw some wild life.

DSC06745 (2) (2)    DSC06733 (2)

Really, it’s hard to believe we’re in Africa.

We wandered through a couple really pretty neighborhoods with brightly painted houses.  Some have been refurbished.  In the historical area you can do a total rebuild but you have to leave the original front wall standing.

DSC06767 Malay Quarter (2)           DSC06779 (2)

DSC06782 (2)

The next day we went to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.  It’s a 30 minute catamaran ride out into the harbor.  The clear sunny day gave us great views back toward the city.

DSC06819 Table Mountain (2)

You tour around the island on busses.  Our guide was excellent.  He was a former prisoner who had met Mandela and so was able to tell stories that brought history to life.

DSC06847 (2)       DSC06822 Our Guide (2) (2)

DSC06829 (2)         DSC06824 (2)

This is Mandela’s cell

The weather has been comfortable and sunny but very very windy.  The gusts will almost knock you over.  Because of this the cable car up to the top of Table Mountain has not been running.  They are predicting more of the same so we may not make it to the top.  It’s still spectacular to see from the bottom!

DSC06808 (2) (2)

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2 Responses to Cape Town

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Capetown is beautiful. And, so interesting, the report about the personal stories of the prison and Nelson Mandela.

  2. Bob Forgrave says:

    Quite a change from Ghana, hmm?

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