Cape Town 2

Our last day in Cape Town came too soon.  Our flight home was in the evening so we left our bags at the B&B and did one more tour.  We used the Blue Hop On Hop Off bus for a drive around to see the other side of Table Mountain.  We made a stop at the Kirstenbosch Garden.  We were told that this is the largest botanical garden that contains only native plants.  In fact, on the bus tour we learned that there are lots of non-native pine trees on the slopes of Table Mountain and a project is underway to eliminate them.

Back to the garden – besides themed gardens of plants and trees it has several large lawn areas for picnicking and an amphitheater for concerts, three ponds and a stream you can walk through.

DSC06904 (2)     DSC06898 (2) (2)

DSC06907 (2) (2)     DSC06909 (2) (2)

DSC06929 (2) (2)      DSC06993 (2) (2)

I think Peter Pan must be near by.

DSC06943 (2) (2)      DSC06920 (2)

DSC06955 Mandela's Gold (2) (2)     DSC06946 (2) (2)

This is called Mandela’s Gold.

Here’s a mom standing watch.  Can you find the chicks?

DSC06984 (2) (2)

Pretty good camouflage!

DSC06980 (2) (2)    DSC06983 (2) (2)

We took a tea break and after a short wait for the bus we continued on our circuit.  We rode along the coast past beautiful sandy and rocky beaches.  The mountains along this coastal road are called the 12 apostles.

DSC04221 (2) (2)

DSC04207 (2) (2)     DSC04255 (2) (2)

The city stretches a long way up the coast with lots of high-rise apartments and condos at each bay.  Wish we had time to explore these beach communities.

Just on the edge of down town Cape Town is the new Green Point soccer stadium. You may have seen it this past summer during the Soccer World Cup.  It’s huge – several blocks long and looks like it’s made out of white paper!  This picture can’t do it justice.

DSC04261 (2) (2)

This picture, taken from the ferry to Robben Island, gives you a better idea of its size.

DSC06813 (2) (2)

Farewell to Cape Town, South Africa.

DSC06812 (2) (2)

And so this journey ends – forty days and fourteen countries!

DSC04007 (2) (2)

Thanks for your comments.  I hope you’ve enjoyed following our adventure!

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4 Responses to Cape Town 2

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    I have just fallen in love with Capetown and the surrounding area through your pictures and narrative. It looks just exquisite. Thanks. Janet

  2. Tammy Moseley says:

    Gracia & Will! What a trip! So happy that the two of you can enjoy traveling together! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your trip! Home just in time for Christmas! Happy Holiday’s! Love, Tammy

  3. Jennie Lynton says:


    Loved looking at all your photos and reading your commentary. It has brought back so many memories of our wonderful cruise back in April/May of West Africa and beyond.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Bob Forgrave says:

    Wow. A delayed read, but worth every moment. Thanks for sharing, Gracia!

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