Barcelona 1

We arrived Monday afternoon to wonderful weather in Barcelona.  This may be our favorite city in Europe.  We had dinner at 9pm at Cenfocs (recommended by friends) and had a surprisingly large and good fixed price menu for 12.75 euros each.  We love the tomatoes in Spain – they are sweet and delicious!  On Tuesday we were really into the Spanish lifestyle and slept until 10am!   We decided to walk and explore the neighborhood of Gracia!  It’s north of the central tourist area.  We followed Passeig de Gracia through the shopping district and past several houses that Gaudi designed.  Then we cut east through neighborhoods to Parc Guell.  This is a public park.  Gaudi originally designed a private home and gardens that were going to be the first of a planned development that didn’t make it.  It is my favorite place.

DSC07227 C Placa de Catalunya (2)

DSC07239 C Passeig de Gracia (2)

Passeig de Gracia – street scenes.

DSC07254 C (2)     DSC07247 C (2)

DSC07240 C along Passeig de Gracia (2)

This is Casa Mila, one of Gaudi’s unique designs.

DSC07236 C Casa Mila (2)    DSC07234 C Casa Mila (2)

We found a fresh food market when we took a side street.

DSC07251 C Local Market (2)    DSC07252 C Fresh Eggs (2)

                                                   Fresh eggs!

DSC07341 C Recycle Bins (2)

They are big on recycling.

This is Casa Vicens.  The first house Gaudi designed.

DSC07261 C Casa Vicens (2)    DSC07263 C Casa Vicens (2)

DSC07267 C Casa Vicens (2)    DSC07273 C Casa Vicens Cat (2)

And here’s the cat that lives there now!

This series of street escalators saved us as we hiked up to Parc Guell.

DSC07284 C Street Escalator (2)

We weren’t the only ones who thought of visiting the park today!

DSC07337 C Parc Guell (2)

DSC07294 C Parc Guell (2)

  DSC07313 C Parc Guell (2)   DSC07296 C Parc Guell (2)

DSC07311 C Parc Guell (2)

  DSC07329 C Parc Guell (2)

DSC07334 C Parc Guell (2)

I love this place because it’s whimsical and flows around the hill with almost no straight lines.  I don’t know how many thousands of colorful dishes were broken and imbedded in the cement for the benches and wall decorations.

DSC07345 C Placa de la Vila de Gracia (2) We walked past the Placa de la Vila de Gracia.

And here is another house designed by Gaudi.

    DSC07359 C (2)

DSC07355 C (2)    DSC07360 C (2)

Our apartment is just a few blocks away. We have some interesting neighbors!

DSC07229 C (2) They’re a bit stuffy but everyone else is very friendly.….

Home sweet home.                   DSC07364 C Our Apt (2)


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