Barcelona 2

Eating dinner at 9pm does not help jet lag – I woke up at 11:30 today!  (We’ll set the alarm clock tonight.)  We had an easy day planned so we set off around 1pm and took the subway to Montjuic, an area west of down town.

This is the National Museum of Art

DSC07368 C Montjuic (2)

A fountain at Placa Espanya and the view back over the city.

DSC07367 C (2) DSC07375 C (2)

This is one of the many gardens on the Mountain of Montjuic.

DSC07386 C Jardins del Laribal (2)

DSC07389 C Miro Museum (2) We visited the Joan Miro Art Museum.  No pictures allowed inside to give you an example but most of it is too weird for me.  I do like this piece though.

We took the cable car down to the waterfront.

DSC07402 C Cable Car (2) DSC07394 C Sagrada Familia (2)

A good view of the Sagrada Familia and the coastline.

DSC07413 Barcelona Coast (2)

DSC07417 C Art on the Beach (2) DSC07425 C Art on the Street (2)

There is art on the beach and art on the street.  I think this is a Miro piece on the right.

We wandered through the Barri Gotic neighborhood near the waterfront.

DSC07438 C Barri Gotic (2) DSC07431 C Barri Gotic Neighborhood (2)

DSC07440 C Sagardi's in Barri Gotic (2)

Here is a small placa, pronounced pla(th)a.  These little squares serve as parks all around the city.  Lots of outdoor dining and some have little playgrounds for kids.

DSC07442 C Barri Gotic (2) DSC07432 C Happy Pills (2)

What could they possibly be selling here?                                                                           I really should have gone in to ask.

We played it safe and had pintxos instead.  They are little snacks served on a baguette with a toothpick.  You pay by the number of toothpicks left on your plate.  This served as dinner for us tonight at 6:30.

DSC07437 Pintxos (2) DSC07435 C Pintxos (2)

We took the subway back to Placa de Catalunya and walked home from there.

DSC07443 C (2) DSC07446 C Placa de Catalunya (2)

Tonight I tried out the little clothes washer in the apartment.  This one is not the washer/dryer “all in one” unit that is typical of apartments we’ve rented in Europe.  Those could use some design improvements.  They get very hot and even set wrinkles in jeans.  There’s a drying rack here.  We’ll give everything a day to dry and then pack up tomorrow night.  We train to Figueres on Friday to see the Dali Museum, then on to France.


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  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Loved the architecture in both posts. Thanks for sending.

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