Barcelona 3

We planned an easy day today and got a little earlier start.  As you can see we lost our blue sky.  It was breezy but no rain.  We took the subway east to explore the area around the Arc de Triomf.

DSC07456 C Arc de Triomf (2)

DSC07455 C (2)  DSC07458 C Studious Babe (2)

DSC07461 C Castell dels Tres Dragons (2)

This building is called the Castell dels Tres Dragons.  It’s a natural history museum.

We wandered through the Parc de la Ciutadella where there is a huge fountain under reconstruction.

DSC07465 C (2)    DSC07475 C (2)

DSC07462 C Parc de la Ciutadella (2)   DSC07466 C Mamuth (2)

You don’t see a mammoth in a park every day.

There is a small lake with little boats you can rent for a half hour.

DSC07467 C (2)

These parrots were a surprise.

DSC07471 C Parrot (2)     DSC07472 C Parrot (2)

Next to the park is the Parlement de Catalunya.

DSC07477 Parlement de Catalunya (2)  DSC07482 C (2)

Interesting use of gargoyles.

DSC07480 C (2)   DSC07481 C (2)

DSC07479 C (2)  DSC07483 C (2)

DSC07484 C (2)

The park was busy with lots of school kids.

We passed a market where they sell bulk flash frozen veggies!  I’ve never seen that before.

DSC07490 C Frozen Foods (2)

Gotta love it.  Heart burgers!  That’s another first.

DSC07495 C Heart Burgers (2)

We headed back early to check on the laundry.  Jeans take over 24 hours to dry naturally.  We helped them along by positioning the drying rack in front of the open French doors.  It got a bit cool in the apartment so we went down to the corner shop for coffee and left Mother Nature to do her thing.  Didn’t want to stray too far with the windows wide open.  Doubt a burglar would climb up the front wall in the daytime – it’s more likely we’d return to find a bird had flown in.  But all was well and everything should be dry by morning when we finish packing.

It was great seeing Barcelona again and exploring new areas.  Off to Figures tomorrow morning.


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One Response to Barcelona 3

  1. Mary Lynn says:

    The store called “Happy Pills” in the previous post is a candy store. You probably figured that out already.

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