Figueres, Spain

Figueres’ claim to fame is the Salvador Dali Museum.  In addition to it being a pretty amazing museum, the town of Figueres turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Before we could enjoy the town, though, we had to figure out our train ride for the next day. The train station we arrived in didn’t sell tickets for the train we needed – it turned out we needed a TGV train and it left from a different station.  The computer showed the train we needed was full!  So we hiked (luckily it was fairly flat) to the TGV train station on the other side of town (and it’s a small town.)  Sure enough, the train we wanted was sold out but there was another one later in the afternoon and luckily it turned out it did have seats, allowing us to reach Montpellier early enough to pick up our leased car that day.  And this gave us more time in Figueres!  We saved the Dali museum for the next day.

Figueres has a very pretty central plaza and quite a few pedestrian only shopping streets.

DSC07499 C Figueres Rambla (2)

DSC07520 C Figueres Fountain (2)  DSC07585 C (2)

We stopped for a snack – Tapas – since we missed lunch on the train.  This is potatas bravas, fried potatoes with an aioli sauce and a croquette, which is a creamy potato mixture deep fried, crispy on the outside.  Pretty decadent.  Just as well I can’t find these at home.

DSC07500 C Potatas Brava a croquette (2)

This is the Dali Museum Plaza.  Can’t explain the tomato thing…

DSC07506 C Dali Museum Plaza (2) DSC07511 (2)

DSC07509 C Dali Plaza (2)   DSC07584 C Dali Plaza (2)

DSC07513 Dali Museum (2)

This is the outside of the museum.  The “dots” on the walls actually look like some sort of large dinner rolls.

DSC07542 C Dali Courtyard (2)

Inside the courtyard of the museum is an unusual statue on the hood of a car.  There were loads of school groups here from France, Spain, Germany and a few from the U.S.

This is an early Dali work called Figueres Market.

DSC07547 Dali's Figueres Market (2)

The museum is an old theatre. This is the stage area.  There are big windows that let in  lots of light.

DSC07572 C (2)

DSC07555 C (2)

A painted ceiling by Dali.

DSC07565 C (2)

And some jewelry designed by Dali.  The jewels in the heart actually move in and out as if the heart is beating!

DSC07576 C (2)    DSC07581 C Beating Heart (2)

See the face in this necklace?

Will, what happened to our car!

DSC07514 (2)

Oh, that one’s not ours.

We’ll pick ours up in Montpellier.


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  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Dali Museum: what a hoot!!!

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