Gourdon, Mauzac and Tremolat

We drove out of the Lot River region heading to the Dordogne River region of France.

DSC08015 C Gourdon (2)

We stopped in Gourdon on our way, a rather sleepy town set that was still pretty empty of tourists.  It has the ruins of a castle on the hill with great views over the city and a large church.  The hill is surrounded by a “ring” road which circles the medieval center of town where the old buildings and streets are clustered.  It’s very picturesque.

DSC08019 C (2)     DSC08022 C (2)

DSC08024 C (2)     DSC08031 C (2)

DSC08038 C (2)      DSC08037 C (2)

DSC08035 C (2) Finally got a picture of a cute French cat!

There were several restaurants with outdoor dining so we decided to take a break.  I ordered a Salade Caesar.  Will got a prix fix menu with a pork chop that came with a aubergine/eggplant starter.  Caesar salads are differently here.  They serve it with a lighter dressing, drizzled with a balsamic syrup, lots of chicken,olives and a few shrimp (with their heads on.)  Yum!

DSC08051 C Lunch - Ceasar Salad (2)

Back on the road passing through pretty villages.

DSC08073 C (2)    DSC08075 C La Roque (2)  This is La Roque.

DSC08083 C Beynac (2)DSC08089 C (2)

This is Beynac with it’s castle on the hill.

We arrived at our B&B, the Millasserie, and were thrilled with what we found.  The main house where our hosts live is really old but the four guest rooms facing a court yard are only a few years old.  Beautiful large modern rooms with modern bathrooms.  Couldn’t be nicer!

DSC08105 C Millasserie B&B (2)

DSC08102 C (2)   DSC08104 C (2)

And our hosts were very friendly and helpful too.  They directed us to a little restaurant in Tremolat, not too far away and suggested we stop in to see the village of Mauzac on the way.  It’s a lovely drive between villages.

DSC08113 C Mauzac (2)    DSC08117 C Mauzac (2)

Mauzac is on the Dordogne River.  The light was just right coming through the stained glass window of the little church.

DSC08120 Church in Mauzac (2)    DSC08127 C (2)

DSC08133 C to Tremolat (2)    DSC08137 C Dordogne River (2)

And on to Tremolat, also on the Dordogne.

DSC08144 Chapel of St Hilaire (2)    DSC08148 C (2)

This is the Chapel of St Hilaire.

DSC08149 C (2)    DSC08153 C (2)

DSC08159 C (2)     DSC08158 C (2)

Satellite dishes on a very old roof!

Will tried the Andouiette Sausage (Tripe).  I went for the safer Terrine de Lapin.

DSC08165 C Andouiette Sausage (2)   DSC08166 C Terrine de Lapin (2)

DSC08167 C (2)

A very lovely day.

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  1. Donna Koziol says:

    We loved seeing your pictures and commentary, Gracia. So glad you’re having a wonderful trip. We’re fans of your blog!

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