La Rochelle

We loaded the car and hit the road just as it began to rain.  The sun soon emerged so the drive to the west coast of France was easy.  Here is a quintessential French road with Plane trees on both sides.  Most of the roads we’ve been on are very curvy but we were able to take a super highway for part of today’s drive.

DSC08410 C (2)

We arrived in La Rochelle; the GPS in the car found the hotel.  After we dropped our bags we took the car to a really nice underground car park.  This one is fairly new, built under one of the town’s plazas.  They have lights imbedded in the floor to help guide you in your car or when you are walking through to the elevator!

DSC08483 C (2)    DSC08480 C (2)

Will wanted me to include a pic of our leased car.  It’s a Renault and has been getting 55 miles to the gallon of fuel!

DSC08484 C (2)

La Rochelle is a good sized port town.  It was the Saturday before Easter and there were lots of French and a few English tourists.  These are the old port guard towers, St Nicolas and the tour de la Chaine.  To guard the harbor they would run chains across the opening to keep enemy ships from being able to sail through.

DSC08476 C (2)

It’s a very pretty waterfront.  There was a market fair going on along the piers.  Lots of craft items, pottery, wood items, and candy.

DSC08421 C (2)   DSC08427 C (2)

DSC08443 C (2)   DSC08425 C (2)

The top of the city gate is a clock tower.   There are lots of wide streets with outdoor dining.

DSC08439 C (2)

The promenade along the harbor has homes with pretty doorways.

DSC08435 C (2)   DSC08431 C (2)

  DSC08433 C (2)    DSC08437 C (2)

St Sauveur has a large square bell tower.  The Hotel de Ville (City Hall) has lots going on..DSC08449 C St Sauveur (2)     DSC08459 C Hotel de Ville (2)

DSC08460 C (2)   DSC08461 (2)

DSC08462 (2)   DSC08462 C2 (2)

I did not know they played ping pong back then!


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