St Leon sur Vezere & Marqueyssac Gardens

We started off this morning with a short stop in Limeuil, where the Vezere and the Dordogne Rivers meet.  They have two bridges there – one over each river

DSC08288 C (2)

DSC08297 C Limeuil (2)   DSC08295 C (2)

It’s a pretty spot with half of the village at the river’s edge and the other half on the hill above.

Next was St Leon sur Vezere.  We had breakfast in this tiny village when we were here 5 years ago.  We seemed to be the only people in town at that time.  It was a bit livelier this time but pretty close to the way we remembered.

DSC08322 C (2)

There is a 12th century church and a small castle from the 14th century with a square keep.

DSC08304 C St Leon Eglise (2)   DSC08327 C Clerans Chateau (2)

We found the little restaurant where we ate before and had lunch.

DSC08310 C (2)   DSC08316 C (2)

We shared a salad with melon, tomatoes and olives and a ham sandwich with very chewy bread.

DSC08317 C Lunch (2)

It was just as pretty here in the spring as it was in the fall..

DSC08305 (2)   DSC08319 C (2)

DSC08311 C (2)

There’s a town very close to our B&B called Sauveboeuf.  I love that!  I think this guy must be from there.  These kids thought he was pretty “suave” too.

DSC08337 Sauveboeuf (2)   DSC08340 C (2)

We continued our drive, planning to see Chateau de Losse.  We missed this castle the last time and we missed it again this time too!  Closed – chain across the entrance drive with no sign of explanation…..C’est la vie.  So we drove on to our next destination, Marqueyssac.  This chateau has gardens that cover the entire hilltop with views in all directions.

DSC08397 C (2)

You can see Fayrac Castle and Castlenaud.

DSC04368 C Fayrac (2)  DSC04370 C Castlenaud (2)

The towns of LaRoque…

DSC04376 C La Roque (2)   DSC04376 C2 La Roque (2)

and Beynac

DSC08344 C Beynac (2)   DSC04389 C (2)

These gardens are huge – almost a mile from one end to the other.  There are almost no flowers, it’s all greenery.  There are tens of thousands of different varieties of boxwoods and ornamental trees from around the world.

DSC08353 Marqueyssac (2)    DSC08354 C (2)

DSC08383 (2)    DSC08382 (2)

DSC08394 (2)

We were so glad to have the extra time here.

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