We continued our tour of Brittany, driving farther up the coast to Auray.  Before we left La Rochelle we went out for breakfast at a place on the waterfront where they had “Glee” playing on a large TV!  We’d seen that episode so it was a kick to watch.  They’d done a good job of matching lips to the dubbing in French.  They left the songs in English.

We had Seattle type rain as the day began and, like the day before, it cleared up by noon. Today we broke down and had lunch at a McDonald’s.  It’s hard to have lunch in less than an hour in a French restaurant.  That’s our excuse anyway.  The menu is very much like at home.  One extra they had was a burger in a square roll with a provolone type cheese.  We got that by mistake, we ordered a chicken ranch wrap. The young man who took our order had been an exchange student in Reno and spoke English but he must have hit the wrong button.  A tasty mistake.

DSC08496 C (2)   DSC08495 C (2)

Auray is a port town, smaller than La Rochelle and very quaint.  This is the old St Goustan quarter.  We walked through the newer (that’s relative) town to a the Belvedere and were surprised to see this picturesque village spread out before us.

DSC08535 C The Belvedere (2)

This is looking back at the Belvedere.  We walked over the little bridge and wandered through this simply charming area.  There are lots of cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating.  Ben Franklin stayed here in 1776 and they named the quay after him!

DSC08531 C Ben Franklin stayed here (2)    DSC08507 C (2)

DSC08508 C (2)   DSC08510 C (2)

There’s a church, St Sauveur, at the top of the hill.

DSC08513 C St Sauveur (2)    DSC08517 C (2)

DSC08518 C (2)   DSC08544 C (2)

DSC08542 C (2)    DSC08547 C (2)

DSC08669 C (2)    DSC08687 C (2)

It was too early for dinner so we hiked back up to our hotel on the other side of the river for a rest.  We had dinner at an Asian restaurant around the corner from our hotel.  It tasted like home.

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