Quiberon Peninsula

We woke to a quiet morning – looked out our window to find our street closed and the Monday Market being set up. No wonder there were no traffic noises.  Will went out for pain au chocolate, just next door.  We have a hot water pot for tea in this room.  This hotel must cater to British tourists and I appreciate it!

We couldn’t pass up a market adventure and joined the throngs of people down the road. This was a huge market; every street in the neighborhood had sellers set up with all sorts of things.

DSC08577 C from Hotel Window (2)

We decided to pick out food for a picnic and did our best in French to acquire ham, cheese, olives, bread and strawberries.

DSC08566 C (2)    DSC08573 C (2)

DSC08570 C (2)

In less than an hour we made our way to the end of the Quiberon Peninsula.  The town of Quiberon is larger than we expected. (We are always underestimating how big towns and villages will be!) This was a Monday/Bankers holiday (after Easter) and everyone decided to go to the seaside.  The town was packed with people and their cars.  Luckily we did not have to park and find a seat at a restaurant.  We followed the road around to the “Cote Sauvage” and found a wonderful spot for our picnic.

DSC08606 C (2)

We weren’t the only ones.

DSC08593 C (2)

DSC08602 C (2)   DSC08592 C (2)

And the strawberries were delicious.

DSC08598 C Amazing Strawberries (2)   DSC08609 C (2)

These yellow flowers were blooming everywhere.  They have a wonder scent but I must be allergic to them or something else here; my nose and eyes were itchy and I kept sneezing!.

DSC08618 C (2)   DSC08620 C Beg er Goalennec (2)

This big rock is called Beg er Goalennec.  That’s the Gaelic influence here.

DSC08627 C (2)

There were lots of pretty paths for bikers and hikers.

DSC08630 C St Pierre Quiberon (2)

On the south side of the peninsula there are sandy beaches.

One little town has a church dedicated to the patron saint of horned cattle.

DSC08638 C St Comely of horned cattle (2)   DSC08641 C (2)

DSC08633 C (2)  DSC08650 C (2)

We stopped for drinks at the port of Locmariaquer.  They make their own “coke” here – Breizh Cola.  Tastes like the real thing.

DSC08662 Breizh Cola (2)

They also have an 11th century church.

DSC08655 C Locmariaquer Church (2)   DSC08656 C (2)

We made our way back to Auray and went back to the old picturesque quarter of town, St Goustan, for dinner.  We had a super thin crust pizza (ham and mushrooms) and a salad loaded with lardons – little chunks of thick bacon.

The French take their dogs everywhere!  We met several in our hotel in La Rochelle.  Sometimes you don’t even know they’re under the table at a restaurant – indoors or outside.  They are very well behaved.

DSC08703 C (2)                    DSC08677 C (2)

Maybe that’s why this one is smiling….


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