St Malo & Dinard

We woke to a gray day but by the time we’d driven to St Malo, on the north coast of France near Dinan, the sun was peeking out.  St Malo is a small city with its old town completely enclosed by ramparts that were started in the 12thcentury and enlarged and altered up to the 18th century.  It was almost totally destroyed in WWII and afterward was reconstructed to its ancient plan.  You can walk along the top of the ramparts around the whole town past huge houses where rich ship owners used to live.  The views from the ramparts looking out to sea are fabulous.  We did the full walk around in about an hour, just strolling.  You could probably walk it fast in less than ½ hour.

DSC08848 C (2)

DSC08859 C2 (2)      DSC08856 C (2)

DSC08852 C Ramparts (2)    DSC08854 C (2)

DSC08885 C (2)   DSC08851 C (2)

DSC08869 C (2)

DSC08875 C (2)   DSC08872 C (2)

The tide was coming in so these waders had to be quick.

DSC08881 C (2)

This is St Vincent Cathedral.  Begun in the 11th century, it’s very large and dark.  But the chancel area is aglow with light from 13th century stained-glass windows.  Really pretty.

DSC08888 C St Vincent Cathedral (2)   DSC08893 C (2)

The next coast town west is Dinard.  It’s more of a resort town, larger than we expected!

DSC08905 C Dinard Beach (2)

We walked along a promenade which became just a paved path around the end of the Pointe du Moulinet.

DSC08907 C (2)   DSC08910 C (2)

This is a sea water swimming pool at the end of the beach.  It didn’t look like it was still in use.  There were great views looking back at St Malo.

DSC08911 C St Malo (2)   DSC08918 C (2)

We continued our walk, going farther than we’d planned as it took us awhile to find a way up to the next level to get back into the main town.  But it was a lovely day and we did eventually make our way back before our parking time ran out.  We met the parking ticket lady as we got to our car with 5 min. to spare.

DSC08923 C (2)

We decided to keep going along the coast to find a bit smaller town for a break.  Each town did get smaller the farther we went but then we couldn’t find a café open!  Bad planning there.  We were only a ½ hour from our B&B by then and we found a café open near there.  New plan – tomorrow we stop much earlier!

DSC08940 C (2)

Lots of pretty beaches but the water looked cold!

DSC08934 C St Briac sur Mer (2) (2) OMG – that’s a job I don’t want!

This is our B&B from below and across the river.  That’s how it gets it’s great view.

DSC08946 C B&B (2)    DSC08947 C (2)

We returned to the Port of Dinan for dinner and found a new restaurant – it had not been open the night before.  We had a fabulous meal.  I had a wonderful salad with a huge scoop of chicken on top.  Will ordered Carbonara; it came with a raw egg yoke in top.  They serve a lot of eggs in France.  Most of my salads have included an egg – cooked.  We saw a pizza with a raw yolk in the middle!  ….an acquired taste?

Here’s a pretty shot of the Port of Dinan.

DSC08952 C Port of Dinan (2)

DSC08953 C (2)     DSC08955 C (2)

This is our restaurant and the French family we sat next to – cute girls.  The dad spoke a little English, he’d worked for Procter & Gamble, so we were able to have a bit of a conversation.

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