Vitre, Fugeres & Dinan

Today started with a visit to Vitre.  It was 1 ¼ hours away but a pretty easy drive on a super highway.  (We didn’t have any of these in the Dordogne!)  Our tour book says Vitre is the best preserved old world town in Brittany; its castle and small streets remaining as they were 400 to 500 years ago.  The castle is imposing.

DSC08993 C (2)

We wandered the little streets making our way to what was the most picturesque street in town to find that there had been a fire recently. The street was blocked off and work was being done.  Actually there were a lot of construction projects around including a big paving job in front of the castle.  They have a lot to do to be ready for the summer crowds.

DSC08978 C A Fire (2)   DSC08981 C (2)

This is Notre Dame of Vitre.  It has a very unusual outdoor pulpit.

DSC08965 C Notre Dame (2)     DSC08965 C2 Notre Dame (2)

DSC08970 C2 (2)     DSC08972 C (2)

Lots of cute streets.

DSC08995 C2 (2)   DSC09000 C (2)

DSC09013 C (2)               DSC09002 C (2)

The house on the left is surrounded by streets on all four sides.

We drove 30 minutes north to Fougeres and were pleasantly surprised.  Not “rated” as high as Vitre, I thought it was much more picturesque.  It has a castle with massive towers and a little old town surrounding it.

DSC09026 C (2)    DSC09023 C (2)

We had lunch in a little square.  I had a salad with ham and Will tried the plat du jour – a sausage with potatoes and mushrooms.  They were both winners.

DSC09028 C Lunch (2)        DSC09029 C Salad & Sausage (2)

DSC09031 C (2)

We met a small group of Americans that were part of a Rick Steves tour group (a travel company based in Edmonds, Washington.) This was a lunch stop for them and they were going on to Mont St Michel for the night.

DSC09033 C (2)    DSC09038 C (2)

The St Leonard Church, perched on the hill overlooking the castle, has beautiful gardens.

DSC09043 C (2)        DSC09040 C (2)

DSC09049 C Fougeres Castle (2)

We walked  down the hill and around the ramparts.

DSC09055 C (2)     DSC09081 C (2)

This is the church of St Sulpice.

DSC09066 C (2)    DSC09065 C (2)

DSC09067 C (2)   DSC09071 C (2)

DSC09084 C (2)    DSC09092 C (2)

I really liked this town!

On to Dinan.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow so we decided to see Dinan this evening.  Dinan is a much larger town but the old city is a small area and easy to walk…… unless you park where we did – at the Port of Dinan, at the bottom of the hill.  We had to walk up the Rue du Petit Fort, a steep ½ mile hike up to the town.

DSC09112 C (2)

After a stop for drinks we wandered through the old streets.

DSC09119 C (2)     DSC09129 C (2)

DSC09140 C (2)         DSC09162 C (2)

DSC09134 C (2)      DSC09139 C2 (2)

On the left is the Tour (Tower) de l’Horloge with the town clock from 1498.

The Jardin Anglais has wonderful views of the Port.

DSC09144 C (2)   DSC09147 C St Sauveur (2)

St Savior’s Basilica has one wall from the 12th century. The rest is from the 15th.

DSC09148 C (2)      DSC09149 C (2)

DSC09156 C (2)  Is this dragon reading a book?

DSC09162 C (2)   DSC09167 C (2)

DSC09168 C (2)     DSC09171 C (2)

We enjoyed our dinner last night so much we returned to the same restaurant.  Will even ordered the same thing!!  I had the pasta Bolognese.  Italian in France.  Tres bon.

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  2. I second what Janet said. I’m concentrating on your Brittany posts: my destination next month. Thank you for all the lovely photos and info!

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