We had a gray day for our drive to Giverny, just a little rain off and on.  Our B&B room was a former bakery; it has the old oven in the bedroom wall.  These are the first B&B owners we’ve met on this trip that do not speak much English.  We practiced our bad French and did just fine.  It’s surprising how much you can say with your hands!

DSC09264 C B&B Dog (2)   DSC09440 C (2)

A sweet dog lives here too.

The village of Giverny is really very small.  The nearest train station is 15 minutes away in Vernon.  It’s not easy to get here without a car.

DSC09227 C Hotel Baudy (2)   DSC09263 C (2)

This is the Hotel Baudy, which catered to artists visiting Monet.  It has a beautiful garden with a studio that was built for artists to use while there.

DSC09228 C Artist Studio (2)    DSC09232 C (2)

DSC09242 C (2)   DSC09265 C Chicken Salad & Omelet (2)

We had dinner at the Hotel Baudy too.  Will had a huge omelet filled with duck and potatoes and I had a salad with chicken; each salad I’ve ordered has been unique.  This one had dark meat.  Also, you don’t choose a dressing, it usually comes with an oil and balsamic vinegar variation.

At breakfast in the morning we sat with a German couple on their way to Brittany. They spoke French very well and English pretty well – lucky for us!  Also at the B&B was a family from Holland.  The mother was from Wisconsin.

We were at the entrance gate to Monet’s house and garden when it opened and already there were quite a few people. First we visited Monet’s house.

DSC09415 C (2)

Sorry, no pictures allowed in the house. Each room was painted a different color.  The large dining room was a deep yellow and had a table that would seat at least 16.  A small parlor was blue – colors you think of for France.  The best room was Monet’s very large studio/living room.  The high walls are covered with paintings, replicas of Monet’s that are in museums all over the world.

It was pretty foggy when we started but the sun came out and the haze burned away.

DSC09270 C (2)     DSC09272 C (2)

This is the view from Monet’s bedroom.  And here is the porch.

And here is the garden!

DSC09277 C (2)   DSC09285 C (2)

DSC09287 C (2)    DSC09289 C (2)

DSC09292 C (2)       DSC09295 C (2)

DSC09323 C (2)    DSC09297 C (2)

DSC09298 C (2)    DSC09308 C (2)

DSC09309 C (2)     DSC09313 C (2)

DSC09341 C (2)    DSC09339 C (2)

The famous pond was so still you could see wonderful reflections.

DSC09344 C (2)    DSC09354 C (2)

DSC09361 C (2)    DSC09386 C (2)

DSC09394 C (2)    DSC09402 C (2)

DSC09423 (2)    DSC09428 C (2)

DSC09342 C (2) Every picture could be a painting!

We spent over an hour roaming through the gardens.  There were a lot of tourists but they spread out over the large garden and some of the paths were chained off so you could get pictures without crowds in them.  There were colorful flowers everywhere you looked.  I think in summer there are sunflowers.  It’s probably pretty in the fall too, but in spring it’s awesome.

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  1. Lori Marx says:

    Gracia: So beautiful. Your photography is really superb. Continue to have fun!

  2. Mary Holm says:

    Wow, Gracia! These pictures are so beautiful!

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