We are now outside of Paris in a Marriott timeshare, Village d’Ile de France.  It’s near Disneyland!  This area, east of Paris, is newly developed and it has a bit of a California look rather than France (or it could just be the warm weather we’re having.)  This Marriott, unlike the Spain Marriott resort that felt like the U.S., this one does have a French feel.  They designed the units as little attached houses.

DSC09911 C (2)

They’re not so little. They are 2 story, 2 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths.  And ours came with a cat!

DSC09461 C (2)   DSC09609 C (2)

Another great feature is the washer and dryer – not quite an American style, the washer takes an hour and the dryer f o r e v e r (there’s a drying rack to help out.)  After over two weeks on the road it’s quite a luxury no matter how long it takes!

DSC09560 C (2)

Today we visited Provins, about an hour’s drive away.  This town is farther out than most tourists are willing to go so it is more popular with French tourists and locals.  It has massive ramparts, built in the 13th century.  It was a medieval market town, located at the crossroads of the European trade roads.  During the 12th and 13th centuries they were famous for their Trade Fairs of Champagne.  Nowadays, on summer weekends, they recreate these Medieval Fairs with equestrian shows, jousting, falconry, etc.

We parked in the lower town, Ville Basse, near the 12th century church Eglise St Ayoul.  It has an unusual asymmetrical design.

DSC09601 C Eglise St Ayoul (2)

DSC09487 C 12Century Door (2)     DSC09488 C (2)

This is Tour Notre Dame, left over from a church built in 1544 but torn down in 1793.  The space behind the tower is a car park now.

DSC09498 C (2)

DSC09503 C Eglise Ste Croix (2)     DSC09501 C Salamander (2)

This is Eglise Ste Croix with its dancing salamander from the 12th century.

We climbed to the upper town, Ville Haute, where there is a big square with restaurants.  We shared a crepe – chocolate, banana and coconut.  Decadent!

DSC09551 (2)   DSC09546 C Crepe for dessert (2)

DSC09555 C (2)     DSC09522 C (2)

DSC09528 C 1160 - 16C (2)

This is the Eglise St Quiriace.  Joan of Arc worshipped in this church on her way to Champagne in 1429!  It was begun in 1160, continued in fits and starts through the centuries but never truly finished.  Notice where the rose window should be.

DSC09535 C (2)     DSC09537 C (2)

And this is the massive Tour Cesar, they doubt it’s actually Roman, more likely the early 12th century.

DSC09542 C (2)     DSC09538 C (2)

DSC09519 C (2)      DSC09599 C (2)

DSC09552 C (2)       DSC09553 C (2)

DSC09514 C (2)     DSC09583 C (2)

We walked along the outside of the ramparts.  They eventually dwindle out and the pathway becomes a park.

Our walk finished in a lovely garden. The Jardin Garnier was a good spot for young and old on a Sunday afternoon.

DSC09591 C (2)    DSC09588 C (2)

DSC09597 C (2)

We picked up a pizza to bake at home at the Carrefour market. They have lots of interesting take home foods we can try now that we have a kitchen for a week.

DSC09471 C French Cereal Aisle (3)

I love this place. They even add chocolate to their “healthy” breakfast cereals!  Poor Will really had to search for one without chocolate.


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  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Probably no extra charge for the cat! Nice! 🙂

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