Crecy la Chapelle & Chateau de Champs sur Marne

We took it easy this morning and drove just a few minutes away to the village of Crecy la Chapelle.  It is a medieval market town, encircled by the Marne River.

DSC09961 C (2)    DSC09979 C Clock Tower (2)

DSC09937 C (2)

A series of moats were used to allow goods to be transferred.  Our tour book calls the town a small scale medieval version of Venice – with no crowds.  That may be a stretch but it is enchanting, a real French village with crooked shutters and crumbling stonework.

DSC09920 C (2)    DSC09922 C (2)

DSC09923 C (2)      DSC09927 C (2)

A small watch tower, Tour aux Saints, restored in the 18th century.

DSC09943 C (2)    DSC09945 C (2)

DSC09947 C (2)   DSC09954 C (2)

DSC09957 C Mill Wheel (2)   DSC09980 C (2)

A mill wheel.

DSC09960 C (2)  Two cat statues?

DSC09999 C (2)

This is the Eglise de la Chapelle, from the 13th century.  Parts were rebuilt after the Hundred Years War in the 15th century.  It has flying buttresses and gargoyles for down spouts.  Almost wished it was raining to see them in action.

DSC00001 C Eglise La Chapelle (2)    DSC00002 C (2)

DSC09992 C (2)           DSC09984 C (2)

In the afternoon we drove a little farther to see the Chateau of Champs sur Marne, built in the 18thcentury.

DSC00006 C (2)

We read that this chateau is often used as a film set.  Unfortunately the “house” was closed for renovations but the beautiful gardens surrounding it were open.

DSC00010 C (2)   DSC00018 C (2)

DSC00046 C (2)     DSC00024 C (2)

DSC00020 C (2)

Perfect for a nice long walk.

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