Today we visited Reims (pronounced “rance” – sounds like France – don’t ask – once seen spelled, it’s hard to get the hang of it.)  It is an ancient Roman city that is now considered the capital of the Champagne region of France.  Our tour book says the French nation was born here in 496 when St Remi, the bishop of Reims, baptized Clovis, the king of the Franks.  All the kings of France, from Louis the Pious in 815 to Charles X in 1825, were crowned here.  The huge Cathedral of Notre Dame of Reims gives the one in Paris a run for its money.

DSC09799 C Cathedrale Notre Dame de  Reims (2)         DSC09802 C (2)

DSC09814 C (2)     DSC09817 C (2)

DSC09842 C (2)   DSC09862 C (2)

DSC09846 C (2)      DSC09845 C (2)

DSC09856 C (2)    DSC09860 C (2)

These are side aisles.

DSC09861 C (2)       DSC09865 C (2)

This is the only cathedral to display angels with open wings. This is the smiling angel.

DSC09867 C (2)       DSC09867 C2 (2)

DSC09854 C Joan d'Arc (2)

Joan of Arc escorted Charles VII here in 1429 to his coronation.

DSC09804 C (2)        DSC09807 C Fun Window (2)

DSC09875 C (2)     DSC09877 C Tramway (2)

Reims is a big city with many wide streets and a nice tram system. The tracks run right through the grass in the middle of this boulevard.

We visited the Cellars of Mumm (pronounced “Moom” – who knew?) We took the tour and saw a few of the 25 millionbottles of champagne aging in the cellars.

Cellars extend for 15 miles through the chalky deposits under the city. There are probably 15 champagne houses with their own cellars in Reims.

DSC09892 C (2)    DSC09889 C (2)

Then we got to taste a couple.

DSC09901 C (2)     DSC09903 C (2)

Rapeseed is the yellow flower we’ve been seeing in the fields here.  It absolutely glows in the sun and it has the loveliest scent that fills the air – smells a little like Jasmine.

DSC09446-C-2_thumb   DSC09442-C-Yellow-Fields-2_thumb

It’s beautiful but I’ve never sneezed so much in my life – I think I’m allergic to it.


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