Victoria, British Columbia

I took a short trip to Victoria, B.C. with a dear friend to celebrate our fall birthdays.  The weather was fabulous, the warmest temps of the year – around 80 degrees.  We visited Butchart Gardens and took lots of pictures of one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

DSC01263 C (2)

DSC01252 Butchart Gardens (2)     DSC01255 C (2)

DSC01257 C (2)     DSC01259 C (2)

DSC01260 C (2)    DSC01262 C (2)

DSC01266 C (2)     DSC01271 C (2)

DSC01272 C (2)    DSC01277 C

DSC01283 (2)      DSC01285 (2)

DSC01289 C (2)      DSC01293 C (2)

DSC01295 C (2)       DSC01296 (2)

DSC01299 C (2)     DSC01302 C (2)

DSC01308 C (2)

Here are a few pictures of Victoria.

DSC01315 C (2)

DSC01328 C (2)       DSC01310 C The Empress (2)

The Empress Hotel

DSC01317 C (2)    DSC01318 C Parliament (2)               The Parliament Building

DSC01321 C (2)    DSC01320 C (2)   Queen Victoria

John Lennon’s Rolls Royce is on display here!

DSC01324 C John Lennon's Rolls Royce (2)     DSC01326 C (2)

We had to check out the Miniature Museum too.  Very fun!

DSC01332 The Miniature Museum (2)     DSC01342 C (2)

DSC01335 C (2)     DSC01345 C (2)

DSC01351 C (2)      DSC01356 C (2)

DSC01355 C (2)      DSC01354 C (2)

And no trip to Victoria is complete without tea at the Empress.

DSC01365 C (2)       DSC01361 C Tea at the Empress (2)

DSC01364 C Joanne & Gracia (2)    Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!

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