Washington D.C.

We had perfect weather for a day in Washington D.C.  We took the metro into the city and first visited the Library of Congress.

DSC01478 C Library of Congress

It was built in 1897 and renovated for its centennial.  They closed it for 2 years in order to clean 100 years of soot off of the marble, indoors and out.  The train station is only a few blocks away.  Before air-conditioning, windows were kept open and grime from the trains accumulated.  That is just one of the many interesting facts we learned on an excellent tour.  The building is fabulous!

DSC01449 C

Outside, this happy cavorting horse and turtle are in a fountain with Neptune.

Inside are wonderful painted ceilings, walls, tile floors and carvings.  It was designed to show the world that America could build just as beautiful a building as any in Europe.  The library was first housed in the Capital where there had been at least two fires.  Because of that concern this building is all marble and stone.

DSC01463 C

There are wood doors and in the reading room the desks are wood – sorry no pictures allowed there.  Many of the library’s collections are available on line.  Check out their web site.  www.loc.gov

DSC01453 C Library of Congress

DSC01460 C   DSC01471 C

DSC01476 C Carved Putti Staircase

DSC01469 C   DSC01474 C

Next door is the Supreme Court.

DSC01489 C

DSC01485 C Contemplation of Justice   DSC01488 C Marble & Bronze Stair

There are two marble and bronze spiral staircases inside.

And across the street is the Capital.

DSC01495 C

DSC01447 C The Capital     DSC01505 C2

We went in to the new Capital Visitor Center.  Security at each of these buildings is like going through the airport.  The Capital is the tightest – no food or liquids.  Will got stopped for a granola bar.  He had to go outside, throw it away and come back through the check point.  A woman in line with us had to toss a bottle of perfume!  Will grew up in Arlington and remembers coming to the Capital as a kid and just walking in….that was a few years ago…

DSC01479 C Capital Visitor Center  DSC01480 C

This statue is a plaster cast of the statue on top of the Capital dome.

DSC01490 C The Capital   DSC01506 C

DSC01508 C Nat Building Museum You would never guess, looking at the National Building Museum, that this is where the Inaugural Balls are held.

Pan C - Museum of Building

A walk down the Mall took us past the Smithsonian….

DSC01545 C

DSC01539 C Washingrton Monument

and gave us a great view of the Washington Monument.

DSC01430 C   DSC01413 C

Will’s parents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  They loved living in Arlington and being a part of life in the nations capital.

DSC01434 C   DSC01536 C

We enjoy coming back to visit this beautiful city.


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2 Responses to Washington D.C.

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    Oooooh! I would love the visit the Library of Congress. Thanks for the pics and the detailed info. I have not been to DC and I think every American should visit if possible. I must enjoy it vicariously through your pictures and descriptions at the moment. Thank you!

  2. Beth says:

    Beautiful! Looks like you couldn’t have asked for better weather either!!

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