A Walk In Williamsburg

DSC01561 C

Homecoming at the College of William and Mary is a treat we look forward to especially because it’s located in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The College was decked out in school colors.

DSC01546 C Will & Ben   DSC01551 C

Will had a chance to catch up with “old” school friends.

As you can see we had wonderful weather and spent one afternoon rambling through the restored area.  The city of Williamsburg has changed dramatically from when Will spent 4 years here.  But the restored Historical Williamsburg remains comfortably stuck in the early 1770’s (arguably cleaned up a bit.)

Enjoy a little walk through one of our favorite places!

DSC01555 C  DSC01557 C

DSC01564 C    DSC01568 C

DSC01576 C

DSC01577 C

DSC01566 C    DSC01579 C

DSC01584 C

DSC01593 C       DSC01587 C

DSC01605 C

DSC01603 C

DSC01624 C  DSC01654 C

DSC01662 C

DSC01679 C

DSC01664 C

DSC01685 C    DSC01681 C    DSC01683 C

DSC01666 C

DSC01686 C   DSC01690 C

DSC01661 C

DSC01627.JPG M Paint Dry B     Hope you enjoyed the afternoon!


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3 Responses to A Walk In Williamsburg

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  2. Donna Koziol says:

    Loved your pictures of Williamsburg. Makes us want to return there soon!

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