Snow in New York City!

What the heck!  It’s not Halloween yet!

I’m jumping ahead in our trip to show you the snow “as it happens” instead of days later when I usually get around to organizing my pictures…..but you’ve got to see this!

DSC02176 C

We planned to spend this rainy day at the Museum of Natural History.  We could stay warm and dry by entering the museum from the subway tunnel.  We explored a few exhibits, turned a corner and saw a winter wonderland out of a wall of windows on this courtyard.  If we’d been smart we’d have stayed put but we were signed up for a tour at Lincoln Center.  Off we went to brave the elements!  The sleety snow was blowing sideways!

DSC02186 C  DSC02187 C Snow

DSC02188 C Snow at Lincoln Center

They were busy with snow removal at the Lincoln Center for the evening shows.

DSC02189 C   DSC02189 C2 Snow at Columbus Cir

We had to find a cab in this winter wonderland on Columbus Circle.  This elephant was oblivious.

We eventually made it back to our apartment where there was ice built up on the windows.  The patio below us was less inviting now!

DSC02191 C  DSC02190 C

DSC02192 C   DSC02193 C

We were prepared for rain but not for this.  The slushy puddles were too much for our shoes.  Gluttons for punishment (and food) we set our shoes out to dry with the help of the heater fans and in a couple hours we were ready to go out in the weather again for dinner!


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One Response to Snow in New York City!

  1. Joanne Crawford says:

    Who knew??? At least this will always be one of those trips you remember! Stay warm.
    Love, Joanne

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