NYC – Washington Square, Flatiron, and NY Public Library

The day was cooler and a bit hazy as we started out.  Our first stop was the Washington Square area.

DSC01945 C    DSC01951 C

DSC01939 C2 Washinton Sq

Our timing was lucky for a short organ recital at the first 1st Presbyterian Church!

DSC01957 C    DSC01958 C

DSC01959 C    DSC01953 C

We had lunch at a quintessential NY deli, Eisenberg’s.

DSC01960 C Eisenberg's Deli       Love their motto!

This is the famous Flatiron Building.

DSC01961 C Flat Iron Bldg    DSC01962 C

DSC01966 C    DSC01970 C

Here’s the Empire State Building and another beautiful building I can’t identify.

DSC01968 C    DSC01971 C

This is Madison Square Park, site of the original Madison Square Gardens.

DSC01973 C Madison Sq Park   DSC01975 C

DSC01976 C    DSC01979 C

Here’s a little wild life and a dog’s life.  There are lots of little dog parks around and lots of dog walkers too.

DSC01980 C Times Sq   We stopped by Times Square…..

and then walked over to Bryant Park and the NYC Public Library.

DSC01984 C   DSC01986 C

           DSC01989 C    DSC01985 C

DSC01988 C

DSC01993 C

DSC01991 C   DSC01990 C NY Public Library

DSC02002 C   DSC01996 C

DSC02001 C

What a beautiful library!


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4 Responses to NYC – Washington Square, Flatiron, and NY Public Library

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    GREAT POST GRACIA. Loved the buildings and, indeed, the library is beautiful. i am amazed at all the flowers after the snow you had last week? thx for a beautiful virtual tour. janet

    • graciamc says:

      Thanks, Janet. Actually these pics were taken before the snow but surprisingly the flowers made it through fine. The snow melted in a day but lots of tree limbs came down because the snow was heavy and they still have all their leaves!

  2. Joanne Crawford says:

    No pictures of the Naked Cowboy yet . . . what are you thinking???


    • graciamc says:

      I had to go to Google to find out what you were talking about! Don’t know how we could have missed that but it’s pretty cold here. He probably has on more clothes now!

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