NYC – Columbus Circle & Rockefeller Center

This is Columbus Circle.  It’s at the SW corner of Central Park.

DSC02097 C

DSC02077 C Columbus Circle  DSC02078 C

DSC02081 C     DSC02200 C Columbus Circle

DSC02626 C  DSC02625 CDSC02189 C2 Snow at Columbus Cir   Remember the snow a couple weeks ago?

DSC02633 C  DSC02201 C  DSC02099 C

We had an amazing lunch at Per Se, a restaurant overlooking Columbus Circle.

It’s like eating art!

DSC02075 C Lunch at Per Se ScallopsDSC02076 C Pearls and OystersDSC02080 C Sea UrchinDSC02083 C SoleDSC02084 C Poudon - ChickenDSC02085 C Lamb   DSC02086 CDSC02095 CDSC02089 C Mini desserts

You can only top a meal like that by going to the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center.)

We got a timed ticket to go up and had an hour to wander beforehand.

DSC02103 C   DSC02110 C

DSC02106 C    DSC02105 C

They had not put up the Christmas tree yet.

There’s a huge LEGO store across the street!

DSC02115 C The Lego Store  DSC02116 C

This is what we were waiting for…….

DSC02121 C Top of the Rock

DSC02126 C  DSC02137

DSC02139 C

DSC02140     DSC02152

the best view of the Empire State Building!


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Gracia's Travels is a photo blog. I always take too many pictures on trips so I justify my compulsion with this blog! The blog is mostly photos - they tell the best part of the story. Please contact me if you would like to use any of my photos.
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2 Responses to NYC – Columbus Circle & Rockefeller Center

  1. Mary Lynn says:

    I have never wanted to go to New York but your pictures have made me think …maybe.

    • graciamc says:

      Mary Lynn, I think you’d like New York! We just returned home but I still have pictures I’ll continue to post. We stayed pretty busy so it was hard to find time to keep up with all the photos I was taking! G

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