NYC – World Trade Center & Battery Park

The site of the World Trade Center, 10 years after 9-11, is a work in progress.

DSC02275 C   DSC02242 C

DSC02255 C St Paul's & a New Tower  DSC02245 C The Bell of Hope fr London

St Paul’s Church miraculously did not suffer any damage on 9-11.  It became a gathering point during the tragedy and still displays many remembrances.  The bell in the church yard is a memorial gift from London.

DSC02252 C

DSC02251 C

DSC02249 C St Paul's

St Paul’s has a very pretty sanctuary.  There was a rehearsal for a Bach choral performance going on which added a special musical soundtrack to our visit.

DSC02260 C  DSC02257 C

DSC02278 C  DSC02276 C

The Winter Garden – World Finance Center offers the best views of the WTC site across the street.

Battery Park is located at the tip of Manhattan and stretches up the lower west side.  It’s a lovely walk and offers views of the Statue of Liberty.

DSC02284 C

DSC02286 C

DSC02299 C

DSC02290 C   DSC02294 C

DSC02305 C Peace Sphere  This is the Peace Sphere.  Damaged at the World Trade Center it now sits in Battery Park with a view of the new tower.

DSC02309 C Museum of the Am Indian

This wonderful statue is on the front of the Museum of the American Indian.  The building started out as the U.S. Customs House.

DSC02311 C

These are close-ups of the Cunard Building.

DSC02313 CDSC02314 CDSC02317 C

Trinity Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Built in 1846 it is the third sanctuary built on this spot since 1696.  There is also a lovely small church yard.

DSC02324 C

DSC02322 C Trinity Ch   DSC02326 C

DSC02331 C   DSC02332 C  They had a sense of humor about Halloween!


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