NYC – Metropolitan Museum of Art

A rainy day in New York City is a perfect day to explore a museum.

DSC02009 C Rainy Day

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is huge, over 500 rooms according to the floor plan map!  Since you can’t see it all in one visit, you just pick a place to begin and wander till you run out of time…….

DSC02577 8 C The Met

DSC02030 C     DSC02029 C

DSC02015 Sir Thomas Lawrence

DSC02031 C

DSC02607 C

DSC02033 C   DSC02035 C

DSC02013 C   DSC02017 Vermeer

DSC02020 C

DSC02028 C    DSC02032 C

DSC02612 C      DSC02610 C

DSC02613 C DSC02615 C DSC02616 C

DSC02617 C

DSC02021 23 C The American Wing

The American Wing has a Tiffany glass exhibit.

DSC02025 C Tiffany Windows DSC02040 C

DSC02038 C      DSC02026 C

There are rooms of rooms picked up out of castles, mansions and houses and dropped right into the museum.

DSC02608 C

There are rooms of Egyptian ruins and relics.

DSC02044 C

DSC02056 C  DSC02059  DSC02058 C

DSC02047 C

DSC02053   DSC02065 C2

The newest exhibit includes art from the Arab lands, plus Turkey, Iran, Central and South Asia.  We made a second visit to see it.

DSC02579 C Tiny Qur'an   DSC02590 C

This is a tiny Qur’an, about a 2 inch cube.

DSC02587 C   DSC02601 C

This painted wood paneled room had an intricate ceiling.

DSC02592 C     DSC02593 C Ceiling

The room with these arches was built on site.  There was a video showing how the artists did the delicate carving in the plaster.

DSC02604 C

DSC02594 C      DSC02600 C

DSC02597 C

DSC02603 C   DSC02605 C (2)

DSC02605 C (4)  A great art museum is more than pictures hanging on the walls.  The Met is a world tour and a time machine.  There was so much we didn’t see, it’s still on our “list”.


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4 Responses to NYC – Metropolitan Museum of Art

  1. Alison Erickson says:

    Wow – you certainly have made me determined to go there – great photos and great commentary.

    • graciamc says:

      Hi Alison, the Met is worth the trip. We also went to the Cloisters, a branch of the Met, in northern Manhattan. It houses art from Medieval Europe. I’ll do a post on that next!

  2. Patricia Kach says:


    I see one of the first photos here is of the Calmady Children. This was my favorite painting at the Met when I was a young girl. It hung in the entry way/mezzanine after entering. So enjoy seeing it again. Thanks

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