NYC – A Few More Places to Visit

Here are a few more places in New York City we really enjoyed.

The Frick Collection is in the beautiful family home of Henry Clay Frick.  This is one of the few remaining “Gilded Age” mansions left in NYC.  The house is as impressive as the art.  Sorry, no pics allowed inside.

DSC02663 C The Frick DSC02664 CDSC02666 C DSC02665 C

We took a tour of the Gracie Mansion.  This lovely home was originally the country house of a prosperous New York merchant.  Built in 1799, it has been enlarged and restored several times over the years.  The mayor of NYC may choose to live here but there’s not much privacy.  The house is used for all types of City functions, something almost every day of the year!  No pictures allowed inside here either but they do have pictures on their web site along with a bit of history.

DSC02726 C DSC02725 C Gracie MansionDSC02728 Gracie Mansion DSC02732 C DSC02733 C

We went to a concert at the W.M.P. (Workshop for Music Performance)  The small concert hall is located in the back of a violin shop in the flatiron district.  The series was called “Strad for Lunch” and we heard a Scottish fiddler from Brooklyn, Colum Pasqua, and pianist Susie Petrov.  The special thing about this series is that it features a Stradivarius violin.  That’s not the usual fiddle for Scottish music!   It was a great concert and I bought their CD.

DSC02744 DSC02738 C Scottish Music On

The Tenement Museum offers a variety of tours that tell the immigrants’ story through their eyes.  We toured the restored three room apartment of an Irish family that lived here in the 1860s.  Again, no pictures inside but if you are interested there are pictures on their web site with more info.

DSC02987 C DSC02970 C NY Tenements

Tenements are actually apartment buildings housing unrelated families.  The lower east side of Manhattan is filled with them.

DSC02978 CDSC02981

In this neighborhood is the Jarmulowsky Bank building, where immigrants deposited (and eventually lost) their life savings and the Daily Forward building, where socialists fought for worker rights.

Chinatown is here too.


We had fabulous dumplings at Prosperity Dumpling.

DSC02974 China Town  DSC02979 C

DSC02976 C2

DSC02994 C DSC02985 C

“When Harry Met Sally” was filmed at Katz’s Delicatessen.

DSC03001 C   DSC02999 C DSC02996 CDSC02998 C

Russ & Daughters is famous for their caviar and smoked fish.

It’s an interesting international neighborhood.

A trip to NYC is probably not complete without going to the Empire State Building.

DSC02855 C The Empire State Bldg DSC02856 C Bryant Park and Radiator Bldg

We could see people ice-skating in Bryant Park!

Here is Central Park, Times Square, Macy’s, Flatiron and the Chrysler Building

DSC02862 C Central Park DSC02865 C Times SqDSC02866 C DSC02868 C Macy'sDSC02877 C Flat Iron & Madison Sq Pk DSC02879 C Crysler BldgDSC02871 4 C Looking South

Another highlight was the Rockettes’ show at Radio City Music Hall.

DSC02908 C  The stage is HUGE!

DSC02937 CDSC02936 C The RockettesDSC02941 CDSC02945 CDSC02949 C

DSC02951 C

They finished the show with a Christmas number that included real live camels and sheep!

DSC02955 C

Now if they could only teach the animals to tap dance –     DSC02957 C

wouldn’t that be something?!

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