NYC – Finale

Here is a finale of photos from our time in NYC.  If you’d like a soundtrack sing “New York, New York” in your head…..”Start spreading the news……”

DSC02509 CDSC02510 CDSC01922 CDSC02854 C Subway TilesDSC02179 C Puppy on the SubwayDSC02441 CDSC02442DSC02483 C Crysler BldgDSC02444 CDSC02448 CDSC02508 CDSC02512 C Pulitzer FountainDSC02515 CDSC02517 CDSC02770 C Chrylser BldgDSC02521 C Grand Army PlazaDSC02511 C Crown BldgDSC02922 CDSC02523 CDSC02635 CDSC02637 CDSC02638 CDSC02639 CDSC02640 C The ApolloDSC02749 C Chrysler Up CloseDSC02753 CDSC02755 CDSC02757 CDSC02760 C United NationsDSC02768DSC02769DSC02924 C St Patrick'sDSC02932 CDSC02926 CDSC02772 C TwinsDSC02773 C Smoke BreakDSC02765 Filming 30 RockDSC02848 C Brooklyn SightDSC02961 CDSC02904 CDSC02899 CDSC02956DSC02959 CDSC03006 C Macy'sDSC03007 C2DSC02671 CDSC03002 C Gracia's StoreDSC03005 C Gracia  Who knew?!  I guess this is my town!


About graciamc

Gracia's Travels is a photo blog. I always take too many pictures on trips so I justify my compulsion with this blog! The blog is mostly photos - they tell the best part of the story. Please contact me if you would like to use any of my photos.
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3 Responses to NYC – Finale

  1. mac says:

    Did I miss pictures of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center? Were you able to get there for the lighting?

    • graciamc says:

      Hi Mark, The tree was just being put up when we were there. It was covered in scaffolding! We got home just before Thanksgiving. It was fun watching Macy’s parade on TV. I recognized the Rockette’s costumes from their show! -G

  2. Alison Erickson says:

    So cool – what a great “retrospective”!

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