The Living Desert

My favorite place in Palm Desert, CA is The Living Desert.  Their web site,, has lots of information about the zoo and botanical gardens.

DSC00446 (2) C Living Desert

An unexpected feature is a miniature railroad.

DSC00411(2) DSC00211 Living Desert (2) C

The Living Desert has animals from desert regions of the U.S. and around the world. There are amphitheater shows where zookeepers bring out animals for an up-close look and an entertaining talk.

DSC00223 C Coati DSC00221 C Possum

DSC00234 (2) DSC00243 Fennec (2) C

This is a great small zoo and I love the backdrop of the local landscape.

DSC00246 (2) C

DSC00258 C DSC00247 (2) C

Baby Giraffe 1 C (2) DSC00438 (2) C

DSC07191 C

DSC07201 C   02-09 019 C (2)

DSC00400 (2) C

064 C Zebras  DSC00269 (2) C

DSC00270 (2) C  DSC02772 C

DSC00403 C DSC00405 (2) DSC00260 (2) C

DSC07217 C DSC00305 (3) C

DSC00291 (2) C

DSC00398 (2) DSC07219 C

DSC02779 (2)

DSC00397 (2) DSC03153 C

DSC03162 C DSC02788 (2) C

DSC03140 C Cheetah  DSC00427 (2)

DSC03141 C

DSC00431 (2) C DSC00435 (2) C

DSC03154 C Fennec Fox DSC03156 C Fennec Fox

DSC03175 C

DSC00307 (2) C DSC03176 C

DSC03167 C DSC03168 C Serval

DSC03166 C Serval


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7 Responses to The Living Desert

  1. Patricia Kach says:

    Wonderful, Gracia

    I recall your mentioning how you so enjoy this attraction and your pictures make it a must see for me now.

  2. Catherine McCabe says:

    Hi Gracia,

    Loved all your pics but number one on my list are those of the exquisite cats — very special!

  3. Alison Erickson says:

    Great shots of those cats – and the birds – fantastic! I assume you have been to Anza-Borrego, but if not – that’s my favorite down there. When we hiked there we came across a herd of desert bighorn sheep drinking out of the stream on the way up Palm Canyon – amazing.

    • graciamc says:

      No, we have not been to Anza-Borrego. We drove up the west side of the Salton Sea coming from San Diego some years ago, so we were close. Looks like it would be a good day trip from Palm Desert.

      • Anne Spanier says:

        The pics are wonderful did you get them all? Everytime I went with the grands the weather was so hot we didn’t see much. What is the secret? My grands loved the butterfly house, probably because there were so many flying around.

      • graciamc says:

        We are usually there in the winter when the temps are comfortable. I’ll have to do the butterfly house next year!

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