Continuing on our Caribbean cruise, we went past Haiti……

DSC03505 C WC

DSC03498 C DSC03501 C W

Then on to the island of Aruba, the first of what are known as the A B C Islands of the Netherland Antilles.  Bonaire and Curacao are B and C.  All three were Dutch colonies and are located just north of Venezuela.

DSC03523 C

The Port of Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba.  It’s a lively touristy town, especially when a cruise ship empties into it; the ship docks in the middle of town.

09 057 C The Ship in Town

We caught a local bus to go a few miles up to Palm Beach.  Marriott and other hotels have resorts right on the beach which stretches for miles.

09 020 C 09 010 C

The Marriott has a “Lazy River”!      DSC03524 C

09 012 C   09 011 C

Love the name of this boat!     Lots of fun water sports going on here too.

DSC03534 C

We had a fabulous lunch on the beach: Lobster bisque and a fish sandwich.

09 029 C2 Lobster bisque & fish

And we had company………!      09 032 C

After a walk on the beach we took the bus back to town and roamed past the colorful houses and shops.

09 043 C  09 044 C

09 059 C Dutch Influence  09 060 C2 Shopping Center

DSC03537 C  DSC03538 C

DSC03541 C   09 058 C

Willem III Tower, built in 1868 is part of Fort Zoutman which dates from 1796.

09 049 C Water Front Park  09 051 C

Wilhemina Park honors the Dutch Queen.

09 056 C  Seeing large lizards all over town is a bit disconcerting. says: “Lizards abound in Aruba. In fact, half of the species of lizard known to man reside exclusively on the island. The kododo blauw has a blue-green color, are quite friendly and totally vegetarian. Pega Pega are cousins to the gecko and get their papiamento name (pega means to stick), from the tiny suction pads on their feet which allow them to walk practically anywhere.

They are one of the last remaining prehistoric species who have eluded extinction – and have extremely loud voices. Iguanas, looking like miniature dinosaurs are often found high up on rooftops enjoying the sun or in trees where they find their favorite food – leaves.
Unfortunately they were often considered a delicacy themselves (their meat is tasty, comparable to chicken) and have been used in soup and stew by Arubans for generations. This practice is now illegal.”

09 036 C  09 055 C

Dinner off the ship:  Fried corn bread covered in cheese – a surprisingly yummy local dish – and Barracuda in a fabulous sauce.

09 084 C Fried Cornbread  09 085 C Baracuda

Yes, this is DSC03543 C !

09 016


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One Response to Aruba

  1. Janet Freeman says:

    that was a walk down memory lane for me. I went to Aruba on a cruise a few years ago. I like the colorful houses.

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