Bonaire is a very small island.  Its entire ocean boundary is a protected marine park, a favorite of scuba diver’s and snorkelers.

DSC03607 C2  DSC03613 C

Like Aruba, the ship was able to dock right next to the main town of Kralendijk.  The old Dutch spelling means coral reef.

DSC03558 C

We booked a snorkeling trip with Woodwind before we left home.  They were at the dock to meet us and walk us through town to where their catamaran was.  They had wet suits for us to wear so we didn’t get too sunburned or chilled.  The water was a little cooler than bath water but really comfortable.  The Woodwind staff were great.  Can’t say enough good things about them.  We snorkeled at two spots off the coast of Klein Bonaire (small Bonaire.)

DSC03550 C  DSC03556 C

Here’s a video of a trip just like ours.  Seeing turtles was a real kick!

Woodwind Snorkeling Trip

After a shower and lunch we had time to take a walk around the small town and check out the market.

DSC03548 C  DSC03549 C

DSC03567 C       DSC03569 C

DSC03571 C     DSC03572 C

DSC03575 C Former fish market  DSC03582 C

DSC03570 C   Bonaire is also known for flamingos and wild donkeys that roam the island.  We saw these at the market…….

DSC03579 C Native flamingosDSC03584 C Wild DonkeysDSC03581 C Flamingos on sidewalk  and on the sidewalk!

DSC03561 C        DSC03609 C

DSC03614 C3  DSC03612 CDSC03615 C

Bonaire may be small but it’s a great place to explore the big beautiful ocean.


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