Costa Rica & Zip-Lining!

05 002.C JPG

I think Costa Rica must be another word for green.  This is where we experienced the rainforest.  It is lush and overgrown every which way you look.  This trip we did a Zip-line tour (I’ve included a video!) but the first time we came to Costa Rica we took a “skywalk” through the rainforest.  We climbed up and down through the jungle and over a dozen suspension bridges.

0452 C On the Sky Walk (2)  0461 C On the Sky Walk (2)

0473 C On the Sky Walk (2)  0468 C2 On the Sky Walk (2)

0475 C On the Sky Walk (2)  0474 C On the Sky Walk (2)

We saw old growth and new growth and a poison dart frog about an inch long!

0484 C Poison Dart Frog (2)  0486 C On the Sky Walk (2)

0498 C On the Sky Walk (2)  0489 C On the Sky Walk (2) 

0506 C On the Sky Walk (2)0508 On the Sky Walk (2)0503  C On the Sky Walk (2)0504 C On the Sky Walk (2)

We sampled several of the fresh fruits of Costa Rica – these small sweet bananas and the pineapple were my favorites. 

0510 C Fruits of the Country (2)

0524 C Crocodiles! (2)  0522 C Crocodiles! (2)

Those logs turned out to be crocodiles!

I was much more comfortable getting close to this guy.

0527 C Pelican (2)

It was on our second trip to Costa Rica that we got a bit more adventurous and went on a zip-line tour.   We suited up and climbed into gondolas for the ride up the mountain.

             05 005 C Zip Line Gear  05 010 C2

05 017 C

The hardest part was traversing on the ground between lines.  The paths were wet and slippery! 

05 035 C  05 051 C Steps Down

The zip lines were soooo much fun.   There were lots of lines, some short, some long, you just had to try to stay straight in order to keep your speed up.  It’s pretty difficult to take pictures while zipping and you could easily lose your camera so I took my pics from the the platforms. 

05 042 C Gracia  on Zip Line  05 044 C Will on Zip Line

This tour included a great lunch      05 057 C Lunch

and a botanical garden….

05 061 C05 059 C05 058 C Jungle Flora05 066 C05 067 C05 069 C Lizard05 08005 081 C05 084 C  with a few surprises……

05 071 C05 076 C

poisonous snakes!………in glass enclosures.

Our cruise this spring offered two different zip-line tours.  One was located nearby and had lots of short zip-lines.  The other was a 2 hour bus ride away and had several short lines with a final ride that was over one minute.  That’s a L..O..N..G.. zip.  We opted for the second. 

DSC03885  DSC03888

They bussed us to the top of the runs and one led into the other without much hiking through the jungle.

DSC03889 C  DSC03890 C

DSC03891 C  DSC03893 C

Here’s my Zip-Line video from our two tours.  I have great music on my computer version but because of copy write laws you’ll have to imagine your own tune!

Zip Line Experience

If this video doesn’t play correctly you can see it on YouTube:

After doing the two different lines we would recommend the tour with more short zips.  The long zip-line was great but it was all over way too soon to justify the 2 hour drive each way!

DSC03901 C

The drive took us over rivers and past banana fields. 

 DSC03911 C

DSC03915 C.JPG Bananas in bags

They cover the fruit with blue plastic bags to keep bugs out and the blue lets the correct light in.

0529 C Back to the Ship (2) 

We cruised for 2 relaxing days, making our way back to Ft. Lauderdale.


But we aren’t headed home yet………….


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3 Responses to Costa Rica & Zip-Lining!

  1. Mary Holm says:

    Okay, Gracia, I’m sold! Costa Rica looks like a strong candidate for our next big vacation!

  2. Susan Shanafelt says:

    Great job..makes me want to Zip line again. Susan

  3. That looked like an amazing adventure, some wonderful photos too.

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