Around Orlando

Here are some pictures from the Marriott Harbor Lakes timeshare resort in Orlando.  We were on the fifth floor and had a great screened in porch – these first 3 pictures were taken through the screen.

DSC04349 C

DSC04352 C DSC04350 C

DSC03938 C

There’s a pirate ship at the pool! 

 DSC03937 Marriott Pool

Found this guy at the dock of the little lake there.

DSC03930 C DSC03933 C DSC03934 C DSC03936 C

This building is Wonder Works, a comedy and magic dinner club/games/lazer-tag/theater. 

DSC03945 -9 C Stitch

DSC03941 -4 Stitch Wonder Works

I just love that someone thought of this and then built it!

We would definitely recommend a visit to the Morse Museum in the northern suburb of Winter Park.  They have an amazing collection of Tiffany glass.  We drove there on Monday only to find them closed on Mondays!  It’s unusual for us to make that kind of mistake, not checking on times, but we had a nice lunch in a little café.  We really wanted to see this museum so we went again later in the week and our timing was perfect on our second trip.  We arrived just before the docent tour started and it was exceptional.  Sorry, they didn’t allow pictures but they have some on their web site:


Winter Park is worth a visit too, with cute shops and restaurants.

One evening we went to Celebration, FL for dinner.  (The Columbia Restaurant with Spanish/Cuban cuisine was great!)  Just driving into town you notice something’s different.  There are pretty houses and condos and apartments with parks and sidewalks and cute shops on “Main Street”.  It’s very clean and It’s creepily perfect – even a bit “Stepford Wives-ish”. 

I just looked it up on Google to get some info and it turns out it’s a master-planned community begun by Disney in the early 1990s.  That explains it – who knew you could actually live in Disneyland!  I have to admit, after a few hours it becomes very appealing……  I might want to live here……. 

The “downtown” is on a little lake which makes for a perfect waterfront.


DSC04176 C DSC04175 C

There’s a perfect walk way around the lake…..

DSC04177 C

with some perfect wildlife…..

   DSC04191 C

Ooo, maybe it’s not that perfect after all.   DSC04192 C

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