Epcot–a Full Circle

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Almost 30 years ago, in the spring of 1983, we took a family vacation to Disney World.  Our 6 year old son loved the Magic Kingdom but I was enchanted by Epcot which had just opened in the fall of 1982.   At that time my travels were pretty much limited to the United States.  Making the rounds of the “countries” at Epcot was a tasting menu of the world.  I still have a vivid memory of the China exhibit – a theater in the round.  You stand in rows and hang on to the railing as you spin your head around to see the countryside of China fly by.  I so wanted to see that for real.  A trip to China was pretty rare at that time for seasoned travelers, let alone for me.  I would never have dreamed that by the time I visited Epcot again I would have been to China and every country featured there, plus many others!

Here is Epcot’s world tour.


DSC04252 CDSC04324 C

United Kingdom

DSC04224 C EnglandDSC04230 C


DSC04233 C FranceDSC04239 C


DSC04246 CDSC04241 CDSC04247 C

Japan – truth, we’ve only been in the airport in Tokyo so it’s still on the list….

DSC04258 CDSC04253 C Japan


DSC04262 CDSC04263 C


DSC04273 CDSC04271 CDSC04276 C


DSC04281 CDSC04278 C


DSC04300 CDSC04282 CDSC04288 CDSC04294 C


DSC04308 CDSC04307 C


DSC04312 C

Where else can you visit 11 countries in one day?  Of course the Epcot versions are idealized but the architecture is just right.  The fish and chips in “England” weren’t bad either.

A Flower & Garden Festival was going on while we were there.  They had a butterfly house!

DSC04215 CDSC04216 CDSC04217 C

Some of these floral displays may be around all year….

DSC04219 -21 WC StitchDSC04231 CDSC04232 CDSC04234 CDSC04205 CDSC04301 CDSC04292 C2DSC04318 CDSC04319 C

I just have to include these pictures from 1983.

1983-03 021983-03 061983-03 03

Can you believe we only took 7 pictures in Disney World?  The digital age was still in our future!

Our Future According to Disney!

This video was part of the Spaceship Earth ride.  Your pictures are taken at the beginning of the ride and you answer a series of questions at the end.  This personalizes your video and you can email it to friends and family right there – if you can remember their email addresses.  I’ve already forgotten what the ride was like but I think the video is hilarious! 

If the video doesn’t play properly in the blog you can see it here:


DSC04345 C2

 DSC04333 C

Epcot is a great make-believe trip and, who knows, it may spread the travel bug to others as it did to me.  We’re staying home for the summer but I’ll continue to post pictures from real places we’ve visited.

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8 Responses to Epcot–a Full Circle

  1. emilyluxton says:

    I loved the Epcot World Showcase! My favourite was Morocco – and in March I finally realised my dream of going there for real 🙂

    • graciamc says:

      That’s so great! Wasn’t it beautiful? My favorite place was the Chellah in Rabat. You can see a few of my pictures from there. Click Travel Destinations at the top of the blog and scroll down to Africa – Morocco.
      Thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Susan Shanafelt says:

    Fred and I went to Disney world in 1971 with my sister and family who were stationed in Pensacola with the Navy at the time. It had just opened and had a lot of empty land around it. It’s amazing to see how all that space has been filled up. Love your blog. Susan

    • graciamc says:

      Susan, you would not believe Orlando – it is amusement park mecca! And I think Disney World has 6 or more different parks! You’d need months of time and a lot of cash to visit all the parks around there. Gracia

  3. tahoekai says:

    OMG the video was a hoot! Always knew you two were a bit spacey! My grandparents lived in Clearwater, so I grew up going to DisneyWorld/Epcot on our yearly vacations…how lucky was that?? Thanks for the memories 🙂 Lisa

  4. itchierfeet says:

    Very nice images. It looks like quite a comprehensive ‘world’ village. Thanks for sharing.

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