Bellevue Botanical Garden

Good weather doesn’t come to the Northwest until after the 4th of July.  May and June were pretty cool and gray here but we still enjoyed all of the fabulous blooms that spring and summer bring!  A few weeks ago we ignored some spitting rain and took a walk through the Bellevue Botanical Garden.

DSC04434 CDSC04373 C Bellevue Botanical Garden

DSC04377 C Walking on the water Walking on the water feature.

DSC04375 C  DSC04379 C

DSC04380 C2  DSC04382 C

DSC04383 C  DSC04384 C

DSC04386 C


A new feature at the Garden is a suspension bridge.  It’s just a short walk into the woods.  It’s built over a small ravine, maybe 20 feet deep.  It’s fun – it bounces around a bit when you walk over it!

DSC04390 C  DSC04388 C

DSC04394 C  DSC04396 C

DSC04398 C

DSC04400 C  DSC04402 C

DSC04407 C  DSC04418 C

DSC04410 C  DSC04409 C

DSC04413 C  DSC04415 C

DSC04425 C  DSC04419 C

DSC04427 C

DSC04432 C  DSC04433 CC

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the garden!

DSC04430 C


The Bellevue Botanical Garden has a great web site.  Check it out!


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5 Responses to Bellevue Botanical Garden

  1. Freedomborn says:

    Beautiful Gardens and flowers an great Photography, thank you Gracia

    Christian Blessings from both of us – Anne

  2. pickleswarlz says:

    Beautiful photos! I just visited Bellevue two weeks ago for a conference but missed the botanical gardens, seeing your photos really makes me wish I’d made the time!

    • graciamc says:

      Glad you enjoyed the pics. Now you have a reason for a return visit. I enjoyed your Bellevue convention recap even though my science background is limited to Discover Magazine.

      • pickleswarlz says:

        Thanks so much! I would love to come back to Bellevue, it was such a great place to experience.

        And I LOVE Discover Magazine, I’m always so happy to hear that people outside of science are reading it 🙂

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