Images of China – Beijing 2

Beijing has lots of beautiful parks.  Many were originally built by rulers as palace and temple grounds.  

HouHai is a manmade lake, one of 3 lakes in a row, lined with willow trees in a hutong neighborhood.  We were here during the week and saw people fishing and contemplating.

Beijing 049 C Houhai Lake

Beijing 048 C Houhai Lake

QianHai lake

Beijing 053 C Qianhai Lake

Beijing 055 C Qianhai Lake

Beijing 057 C Qianhai Lake                  These guys are waiting for the weekend crowd.

 Beijing 059 C Qianhai Lake (Here’s a little bit of home away from home!)

Beihai Park is an imperial garden near theForbidden City. It was built in the 10th century and is filled with palaces and temples. 

Beijing 063 C Beihai Park

Beijing 062 C Beihai Park

Beijing 065 C Water Calligraphy Writing with water!

Beijing 068 C Xitian Fanjing Temple

Beijing 071 C Beihai ParkBeijing 073 C Xitian Fanjing Temple Beijing 075 C1 Xitian Fanjing Temple

Beijing 070 C2 Xitian Fanjing Temple

Beijing 079 C Nine Dragon Wall

The nine dragon screen was built in 1402 and is made of glazed bricks. There are nine dragons on each side.

Beijing 077 C Nine Dragon Wall

Beijing 081 C Beihai Lake & Jade Islet

Beihai lake covers more than half of this park. The White Dagoba Temple on Jade Islet is in the distance.

Beijing 082 C Beihai Lake 

Beijing 088 C Beihai Lake

We took one of these pretty boats over to Jade Islet.

Beijing 090 C Yongan Temple Beijing 103 C Jade Islet

Beijing 094 C Artists Beijing 095 C Jade Islet

Beijing 102 C Beihai Lake

Beijing 106 C Jade Islet Beijing 107 C Jade Islet

Beijing 111 C White Dagoba

Beijing 113 C Beihai Park

Young soldiers were happy to pose for a picture.

Jingshan Park, next to the Forbidden City, is a hill constructed from soil that was excavated to build moats for the Imperial Palace.

Beijing 105 C Jingshan Park

Beijing 121 C Jingshan Park

Beijing 117 C Jingshan Park Beijing 118 C Little Girl

Beijing 122 C Beijing 124 C

Art imitates life or is it the other way around?


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