Images of China – Beijing 3

We continued our tour of Beijing with a pedi-cab ride through a hutong neighborhood.  It’s touristy but we were tourists……

Beijing 148 C Beijing 151 C

Beijing 150 C  Beijing 153 C Hutong

Beijing 155 C  Beijing 163 C

Lunch in a hutong – the one we visited was a multi-generation compound of several buildings enclosing a courtyard.  One building was a kitchen and large dining room.

Beijing 185 C Hutong Visit  Beijing 184 C Hutong Visit  

Beijing 190 C Hutong Visit  Beijing 189 C Hutong Visit

Elderhostel tours specialize in giving tourists an educational experience. We visited an elementary school where a teacher talked about Chinese schools.

Beijing 158 C Professor Ma

Beijing 162 C

Kids being kids!

Neighborhood exercise parks are very popular.

Beijing 138 C Beijing 182 C

We visited the former home of Madame Sun Yat-Sen.  It is now a museum and the grounds are a pretty park.

Beijing 170 C Mme Sun Yat-sen HomeBeijing 169 C Beijing 174 C

The Summer Palace, on Kunming Lake, has colorful pavilions and gardens.

Beijing 219 C

Beijing 206 C Tower of Fragrant Budha

Beijing 193 C1 Summer Palace Beijing 195 C

Beijing 199 C Summer Palace Beijing 200 C

Beijing 203 C Long Corridor Summer Palace Beijing 208 C

The Marble Boat was built in 1755 and rebuilt after a fire in 1893.  China Travel Guide says “In ancient China, people often built smaller versions of boats as part of the decoration in classical gardens to enrich the beautiful scenery, as well as provide a seat for people to enjoy the sight and feast…Empress Dowager Cixi financed the rebuilding using funds embezzled from the navy.” 

Beijing 211 C Marble Boat

Beijing 214 C Marble Boat Beijing 209 C2 Summer Palace


Beijing 212 C2Beijing 221 C Kunming Ferry

Beijing 204 C

My favorite park was the Temple of Heaven.  Will & I went on our own before the tour and entered the grounds from a side gate.  This way lead us through a little forest, enchantingly filled with lovely light blue flowers!  Heavenly!

Beijing 130 C Temple of Heaven Park

Beijing 129 Temple of Heaven Park Beijing 131 C Temple of Heaven Park

The temple complex was built in the early 1400s by the same Emperor who built the Forbidden City. It was renamed the Temple of Heaven in the 16th century and three more temples were added. Time and several wars left it badly damaged. It was rebuilt and turned into a park in 1918. This and the Summer Palace areUNESCOWorld Heritage Sites.

Beijing 132 CBeijing 133 C Temple of Heaven Park

Beijing 318 - 20WC Stitch

Beijing 322 C Beijing 318 C Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

Beijing 316 C Beijing 317 C

Beijing 324 C Beijing 326 C Dragon Carving

Beijing 323 C Temple of Heaven Park

We also visited the park a few days later with our tour group.  There is a charge to enter the temple areas but most of the park is free.  On this Sunday the park was full of people enjoying the afternoon entertaining themselves and their friends and families.  

Beijing 339 C Beijing 298 C Temple of Heaven Park

Beijing 338 C Temple of Heaven Park Beijing 333 C

Beijing 314 C Beijing 300 C Temple of Heaven Park

A few in our group joined in the fun.

People were very friendly and curious about us.  We were often stopped by Chinese couples and families who wanted to take pictures of us with them! They were happy to let us take pictures of their cute kids too.

Beijing 307 C Beijing 310 C

Beijing 331 C Little Boy Beijing 136 C Temple of Heaven Park

I think the Temple of Heaven Park   Beijing 305 C    is Beijing’s family room!

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  1. Lu says:

    Whenever I see photos of Beijing I’m overwhelmed by how much there is to see – it looks fascinating 🙂

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