A Savor Seattle Tour

This week I’m taking a break from our 2007 China trip to bring you something more recent and closer to home.  It’s fun to be a tourist in your own back yard.

DSC04485 C

We took a “Savor Seattle” food tasting tour of the Pike Place Market on a fabulous summer day in Seattle.  They have several different food tours to choose from.   http://www.savorseattletours.com/

Our tour guide handed out headsets so we wouldn’t miss a word of his spiel.  This is especially nice if you like to wander off to take pictures…….

Our tour started at a Starbucks near the Market.

DSC04484 CDSC04483 C.JPG Savor Seattle TourDSC04488 CDSC04489 C Fuse

We moved on to the Daily Dozen for doughnut holes.

DSC04492 CDSC04493 C

Oops, I was going to get a picture of those but we ate them too quickly!

Next…DSC04495 C……no, this was a non alcohol tour.

We had tea from MarketSpice.

.DSC04497 CDSC04498 CDSC04494 CDSC04500 C

Then tastes of several styles of smoked salmon.

DSC04506 C DSC04508 C

This is one of the famous fish throwers of Pike Place and here is Rachel, the 550 lb. bronze Market icon.

DSC04514 C

DSC04515 C DSC04520 C

Next stop, the butcher with sausage bites – sorry, we ate those fast too!

We got a peek behind the scenes in the meat locker!

DSC04519 C

DSC04522 C DSC04523 CDSC04524 C  Chowder and Lobster Bisque here!

Post Alley and the actual hitching “post” it’s named for.

DSC04527 C DSC04528 CDSC04547 C DSC04529 C

On to Beecher’s Cheese Shop.  DSC04531 C

Yum!  Macaroni and cheese.

DSC04532 C DSC04533 C

We continued following the pink umbrella down the street.

DSC04534 C

We passed the original Starbucks and the long line to get in…..

DSC04535 C DSC04536 C

Stopped at the Pear for a tasty little sandwich….. (oops again, it’s so hard to take pictures with your mouth full.)

DSC04537 C  Then on to Etta’s to finish with crab cakes!

DSC04539 C DSC04540 C

These are satisfied customers!  DSC04538 C

DSC04621 C  When friends come to Seattle we recommend a visit to the Space Needle and a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island for great views of the city.

But the heart of Seattle is Pike Place Market!

DSC04541 C

DSC04631 C2 (2)

BTW, the Seattle Great Wheel just opened on the waterfront.

We’re saving that for another day.




DSC04631 C


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5 Responses to A Savor Seattle Tour

  1. Mary Lynn Johnson says:

    People always talk about the rain in Seattle. What they don’t realize is the beauty of one sunny day there causes amnesia. I would forget about any cloud I saw before. But then too many people found out.

    • graciamc says:

      Oh, Mary Lynn, that is so true. We put up with the rain for those 3 or 4 fabulous weeks! Actually I like rain so it’s not a problem for me but it is why Will is ready to travel in the fall, winter and spring!!

  2. hellboy2503 says:

    Really nice photos – like it

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