Images Of China – Xi’an 3

Xi'an 458 C2

Isn’t this a great saying? It decorates an outside wall of a school that trains tour guides!

As in Beijing, Elder Hostel arranged interesting speakers for our tour in Xi’an.  We had a really great lecture on language and calligraphy from a University professor.  We had noticed that street signs and many other signs were in English besides Chinese characters.  We learned that there are so many Chinese dialects that Chinese people from different parts of the country cannot understand each other.  Mandarin is the national language which all school children study but many older people who do no speak Mandarin cannot communicate outside of the area where they were raised.  Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese Chinese are also different. 

Xi'an 659 CBut Chinese characters can be read in any of the dialects!  The sign means the same thing; just the spoken word is different.  Interestingly, English is sometimes their common language.  It was not unusual to overhear conversations between young Chinese people in English!

The Shaanxi History Museum is filled with beautiful ancient and modern relics from around the province.

Xi'an 459 C Shaanxi History Museum_thumb[1]

Xi'an 463 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 466 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 467 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 477 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 479 C_thumbXi'an 480 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 483 C_thumbXi'an 485 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 489 C_thumb[1]Xi'an 486 C_thumb[1]

This bowl of grapes is carved from one solid piece of jade!

One of our best meals was a dumpling dinner.

Xi'an 496 C

We were told that what is inside the dumpling determines it’s outside wrap…..

Xi'an 497 C Xi'an 495 C

Xi'an 503 C Xi'an 504 C

Hmmm….does that mean this one was frog legs?  Cute though!

Xi'an 505 C

Xi'an 655 C Holiday Meal  We were in Xian during the spring so were taken aback by the holiday décor at this buffet lunch.  Note the little Santa in a sleigh with Rudolph. 

Now we’ll check out the amazing variety at the local market.

Xi'an 601 C

Xi'an 595 C Xi'an 594 C

Xi'an 596 C Xi'an 592 C Fish Market

These two are skinning eels!

Xi'an 597 C Xi'an 599 C

Xi'an 598 C

A pile o’ frogs – dumpling material?

Xi'an 593 C An Escapee  An escapee!

Now for some culture.  This Tang Dynasty performance included music, dancing and opera.  The costumes were beautiful.

Xi'an 606 C Xi'an 602 C Tang Dynasty Performance

Xi'an 605 C

Big Goose Pagoda Park Xi'an 673 C

from Wikipedia:  The original pagoda was built during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of Tang (r. 649-683), it stood 54 m (177 ft). This construction of rammed earth with a stone exterior facade eventually collapsed five decades later. The ruling Empress Wu Zetian had the pagoda rebuilt and added five new stories by the year 704; however, a massive earthquake in 1556 heavily damaged the pagoda and reduced it by three stories, to its current height of seven stories. The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda was extensively repaired during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) and renovated again in 1964.

Xi'an 676 -8 CW StitchXi'an 708 C Xi'an 674 CXi'an 679 C Xi'an 710 C

Xi'an 680 CXi'an 684 CXi'an 685 CXi'an 688 C

Next to the Pagoda Park is the Tang Dynasty Arts Museum.

Xi'an 702 C Pmegranate Tree Xi'an 692 C

Xi'an 693 C Xi'an 694 CJPGXi'an 695 CXi'an 701 C

A little art demonstration.

Xi'an 705 C Xi'an 706 C

Xi'an 716 C Xi'an 714 C

This was a lovely park.  We also appreciated the great weather.

Xi'an 665  View from our hotel room

smog does give a nice glow to the evening light.

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8 Responses to Images Of China – Xi’an 3

  1. lizziejoy10 says:

    Another great selection of photos and insights. Thank you. Have a great day. xx

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    Hi Gracia, another great set of pictures. Also, most interesting about the the dialects and all being able to read the characters. thanks again for the presentation and explanations. Janet

  3. gooddayrome says:

    The colors are amazing! What a rich culture.

  4. So beautiful, thank you for sharing! I just gotta go back there soon… :)!

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