Another Day in Seattle

Let’s take a break from China pics and head in to Seattle again.  We’re enjoying the last lovely days of summer.

Here’s our bus!

DSC04647 C

We get off at the end of the bus tunnel, take the escalator up and here we are in the International District.

DSC04650 C DSC04651 C

DSC04652 C DSC04653 C

Uwajimaya is just up the street.  They have a great food court.

DSC04658 C

DSC04655 C

DSC04654 C  Meals are huge so we share this one.

They have a million teapots here.

DSC04656 C DSC04657 C

Now a stroll to Pioneer Square…..

DSC04660 C  DSC04662 C

DSC04663 C DSC04665 C

DSC04666 C DSC04664 C DSC04667 C

DSC04668 CDSC04675 C

DSC04670 C DSC04671 C

DSC04674 C DSC04672 C

DSC04677 C DSC04676 C

DSC04678 C

DSC04680 C

the waterfront…….

DSC04681 C

Lovely colors in the ivy clinging to the Alaska Way Viaduct.

DSC04682 C

DSC04684 C

DSC04685 C DSC04686 C

Admiring the Seattle Great Wheel. 

DSC04687 C DSC04689 C

DSC04692 C

And up the stairs to Pike Place Market.

DSC04695 C

DSC04697 C DSC04698 C

DSC04699 C DSC04700 C

DSC04702 C

DSC04703 C

DSC04701 C Have to enjoy these days while we have them.  The rain will be here soon enough.


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2 Responses to Another Day in Seattle

  1. says:

    You never need to travel when you live in such a beautiful city!


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