Images of China – The Li River

Yangshuo 767 69 C Stitch

A cruise on the Li River takes you through some of China’s most unique landscape.  We flew into the city of Guilin and were bussed to the smaller town of Yangshuo, where we spent 2 nights.  Some river trips start in Guilin and end in Yangshuo but ours was a round-trip from Yangshuo.  The fog burned off slowly during our morning cruise adding to the iconic look of the limestone karst hills.  They are wonderful.   

Yangshuo 770 C

Yangshuo 771 C

Yangshuo 773 C

Yangshuo 774 CYangshuo 778 C

Yangshuo 779 CYangshuo 780 C

Life on the river – many people live in houseboats, water buffalo roam the river banks and people fish, using nets or cormorants.

Yangshuo 785 CYangshuo 784 C

Yangshuo 786 CYangshuo 787 C

Yangshuo 797 CYangshuo 792 C

Yangshuo 807 C

Yangshuo 814 CYangshuo 821 C Fisherman

Yangshuo 812 CYangshuo 816 C

Yangshuo 818 C

Yangshuo 819 CYangshuo 809 C

Yangshuo 822 CYangshuo 825 C

Yangshuo 826 CYangshuo 830 C

Yangshuo 833 C

These unusual hills give Chinese paintings their unique look.  A local artist demonstrated how he captures the essence of the landscape.  He began in the right lower corner of the paper and moved across to the top left.  Working with black ink and different sized brushes, the trick is not letting the ink run or drip.

Yangshuo 747 C Guest Artist

Yangshuo 749 C

Yangshuo 751 C

Yangshuo 753 C

Yangshuo 755 C

Yangshuo 756 C

This painting took about an hour, start to finish!

Yangshuo 827 -8 C fuse


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2 Responses to Images of China – The Li River

  1. says:

    My goodness, the painter is extraordinary … and in only one hour! Also to make everything become so alive in black and white with shades of gray. Extremely impressive!!

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