The Eternal City – Rome 7 – the Trastevere

We rented an apartment for our week in Rome.  The Trastevere neighborhood was a fabulous choice.  It’s residential so the streets are pretty quiet at night but there are lots of restaurants.  We didn’t want or need a car in Rome so the parking issues of the Trastevere didn’t bother us.  We arranged to have a driver meet us at the airport and take us to the apartment.  He waved away our payment as he was double parked and said we could take care of it when he picked us up in a week!

DSC05911 C Our street Trastevere  DSC05932 C

DSC04849 C DSC04851 C DSC04850 C

Our apartment was simply decorated and met all our needs.  There was a little clothes washer in the bathroom and we hung our laundry on the railing of the loft. 

DSC05010 C

The Trastevere (“beyond the Tiber” in latin) is on the west side of the Tiber River.  It’s an easy walk or tram ride (tram #8) over to central Rome. 

Here are some sights from our adopted neighborhood. 

DSC05023 C  DSC05025 C

DSC05030 C

DSC05802 C  DSC05917 C

DSC05914 C

DSC05918 C  DSC05920 C

DSC05921 C

DSC05922 C  DSC05923

DSC05926 C  DSC05928 C

DSC05929 C  DSC05930 C

On the walk home one evening we stopped in St Cecilia’s.

DSC05555 C St Cecilia

DSC05557 C  DSC05561 C

DSC05559 C1

DSC05950 C Santa Maria

We often walked through the plaza of the church of Santa Maria in the mornings.   We peeked inside one night.

DSC05562 C Santa Maria  DSC05563 4 WC Stitch

DSC05565 C

DSC05908 C

Gianicolo Hill, on the the west side of Trastevere, has wonderful views looking east over Rome.

DSC05869 C Medici Villa  DSC05891 C the Coluseum

The Villa Medici looks huge…….and here’s  a view of the Coliseum

and the Palatine Hill.

DSC05888 C Palatine Hill

DSC05901 C Pantheon

I believe this is the dome of the Pantheon.

Looking North from the other side of the hill is a view of St Peter’s.

DSC05892 C St Peter's

Going back and forth across the Tiber River was lovely by day

DSC05805 C Tiber River north

and by night.        DSC05245 C Tiber River north


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13 Responses to The Eternal City – Rome 7 – the Trastevere

  1. ahomaria says:

    I love your Roman views, they look great! I’m trying to create something similar, but I find it hard to position all of my pictures in the way that I want. Great blog.

    • graciamc says:

      Thanks! I tried a couple different themes before I settled on this one. It works best for me. I like the black background and the smaller photos. There is art in each picture but there is also art in arranging the photos on the page! I also use Windows Live Writer to write the blog off line. It allows you to write the blog on a screen that looks like your final product rather than guess the placement of pictures. Good luck!

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    Nice Gracia. Thanks for sharing.

  3. PragueByKaty says:

    Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing

  4. Catherine says:

    What a lovely neighborhood! Looks like you chose wisely and well. But then you always do …

  5. Liz Dunbar says:

    Gracia, Mike and I are going to Rome and Paris in May. I’d love to get your recommendations for apartments to rent. Thanks! Liz

  6. Alison Erickson says:

    Just curious as to what your basic approach is to finding an apartment like that?

    Great job as always on the photos – although this neighborhood portrayal is particularly pleasing – just so lovely!

    • graciamc says:

      Hi Alison, Thanks, it really was a great neighborhood. Will’s answer to your planning question is to start at the Trip Advisor web site. Enter the name of the city you’re interested in. (U.S. cities as well as foreign) Then click on the travel forum tab – this lists questions from other searchers and answers from helpful locals and fellow travelers. You can post questions there. Also there is a vacation rentals tab. From there it’s like putting together a puzzle, following up on suggestions, checking reviews and eventually emailing a possible landlord or rental service with questions. Will’s happy to help with specifics, just send him an email.

  7. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

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