The Eternal City – Rome 8 – Arrivederci !

Here are some great Roman sights that didn’t fit into my previous 7 posts of Rome … but they were too good to miss!

The Pyramid of Gaius was built in 18 – 12 BC (rediscovered in 1660) as a tomb for Gaius Cestius, a Roman magistrate.  It is located right next to the Piramide metro stop and train station.  It’s about as tall as a 10 story building so you can’t miss it!

DSC05548 C Pyramid  of Gaius Cestius  DSC05553 C

Right next to the pyramid is part of Rome’s old wall.  Built between 271 AD and 275 AD, it ran for 12 miles and enclosed over 5 sq. miles of the city.

DSC05549 C1 City Walls

DSC05550 C  DSC05551 C

One afternoon we walked through the Monti neighborhood on the east side of Rome.  Although we ended up selecting Trastevere for our rental apartment, we considered a couple of apartments in Monti.

DSC05672 C the Monti area  DSC05673 C

DSC05676 CDSC05677 CDSC05675 C

DSC05679 C  DSC05678 C

DSC05682 C

North of Monti, near Roma Termini (Rome’s main train station) is the Piazza della Repubblica with the Fountain of the Naiads in the center.

DSC05694 C Piazza Republica

DSC05691 C Fontana Delle Najadi   DSC05687 C Baths of Diocletian

On one side of the piazza is the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels and the Martyrs, built in the ruins of the Baths of Diocletian. It is referred to as the church of Michelangelo because Michelangelo Buonarroti worked from 1563 to 1564 adapting a section of the baths to enclose this church.

DSC05690 C  DSC05695 C (2)

DSC05696 C Michelangelo church  DSC05697 C

DSC05700 1 MCXDSC05702 -4 CMX

DSC05698 9 WC Stitch  DSC05730 C1

We strolled along the Via del Corso, Rome’s “Main Street”.

DSC05837 C  DSC05838 C

DSC05840 1 WC2 Fuse  DSC05839  CVia Del Corso

The Piazza del Popolo is at the north end of the Via del Corso.

DSC05844 -6 WC Stitch

DSC05854 C DSC05847 C

DSC05853 C  DSC05852 C1

We walked a little farther north and found a wonderful Italian “fast food” restaurant – mushroom ravioli and green beans!

DSC05848 C Italian fast food

Pretty views looking back through the Porta del Popolo.

DSC05851 C  DSC05849 C

DSC05851 C2

On our last day in Rome we walked along the Tiber River admiring the beautiful bridges.

DSC05808 C near the Castel DSC05810 C1 Pont Vittorio Emmanuel

DSC05814 C DSC05816 C Pont Sant'Angelo

DSC05815 C  DSC05823 C

DSC05832 C

DSC05817 C  DSC05826 C1 Ponte S Angelo

One last view of St Peter’s…

DSC05825 C St Peters

Down the street is the Castel Sant’Angelo; Hadrian’s mausoleum is now a museum.

DSC05833 C

DSC05834 C Former Hall of Justice

DSC05836 C

DSC05819 C

Arrivederci Roma.  We look forward to visiting again.


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7 Responses to The Eternal City – Rome 8 – Arrivederci !

  1. gooddayrome says:

    Bellissima, Gracie! I love the way you arrange your photos in your blog. The angles on il pyramide are quite unusual and thus stunning. We look forward to your return!

  2. thephotoseye says:

    Great photos of my favorite city!

  3. Liz Dunbar says:

    Gracia, love your photos and posts! Mike says you have a great recommendation for a hotel in Rome. Would love to get your suggestions. Liz Dunbar

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