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Once our week in Rome was over we headed to Civitavecchia, Rome’s port, and boarded the MS Maasdam, a Holland America ship, for a cruise that would eventually take us back to the U.S.  Our first stop, just down the Italian coast, was Naples.  High seas detoured us from the scheduled stop, Sorrento, but we were still able to make a day trip to Pompeii! 

A train workers “slowdown” almost derailed us, but there were plenty of taxis waiting to take travelers to their destinations!  This actually worked out very well for us.  We met a British couple in the same fix in the train station and decided to share a taxi to Pompeii.  Our driver dropped us at the entrance to Pompeii and 3 hours later picked us up.  Too bad we’d already bought the train tickets….but Pompeii was worth it!

DSC05963 C2 Vesuvius

The above photo of the Temple of Apollo also shows how big the mountain used to be!  The city was buried under as much as 20 feet of ash in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted.  Pompeii was not rediscovered until 1748.  It’s been undergoing excavation ever since. 

image Here’s what the Temple might have looked like before the eruption. – from Wikipedia

We used a downloaded Rick Steves’s audio tour to guide us. It worked great on Will’s phone. If I paused for too long on my Zune, though, it started back at the beginning! This was a big town of maybe 20,000 inhabitants and in 3 hours all you can do is rush around to see the main sights.  You could wander for a lot longer!

DSC05960 C the Forum  DSC05972 C1

DSC05981 C   A reminder of the real people killed here.

DSC05986 C Forum baths  DSC05988 C

DSC06000 C House of the Faun  DSC05995 C1 Cave Canem beware of dog

Many Romans had holiday villas here.

DSC06002 C1 Welcome  DSC06001 C

This was at a home’s front door.  “Have” means Welcome.

DSC06005 C

DSC06007 C

Here’s a link to a cool video of a Virtual Roman House that fleshes out ruins like these.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSE9jlQav-w

DSC06020 C  DSC06025 C

DSC06031 C  DSC06022 C2

You can see the deep wagon wheel grooves in the streets.  Many streets were built like little canals so that water could be let loose from the top of the hill and wash down through the town to clean them.  The large stone in the middle gave pedestrians a place to step to get across the street!

DSC06029 C Soup pots  DSC06032 C

There are holes in the counter of this “fast food” joint for soup pots.

DSC06037 C The doorway has grooves for a sliding door.

DSC06035 C  DSC06038 C

DSC06042 C  DSC06043 C

DSC06053 C

DSC06058 -60 WC1 Sitch

DSC06061 C Baths  DSC06062 C

DSC06065 C  DSC06068 C

DSC06070 C  DSC06072 C

DSC06081 C  DSC06078 C

DSC06076 -7 WC Stitch

DSC06083 C  DSC06084 C

DSC06086 -8 WC The Theater Stitch  DSC06090 C Teatro Piccolo (2)

  DSC06103 C

DSC06104 C  DSC06096 C

DSC06041 C

We had fabulous weather and the temps were mild. On a very hot day it’s probably pretty uncomfortable. I recommend a visit to Pompeii in November!

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7 Responses to Pompeii

  1. Janice Seino says:

    I loved your pictures and comments, just like a guided tour. Janice

  2. Janet Freeman says:

    I was so taken with Pompeii when my daughter and I visited it. we saw many of the same scenes in your post. amazing how bodies were preserved in place and ruins also by the eruption. Their method of cleaning the streets was ingenious too. thanks once again for an excellent post Gracia.

  3. Sartenada says:

    Great post! Congratulations! Did You visit also Vesuvius! It is must-visit when on this area.

    Have a good day!

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