Cagliari, Sardinia

DSC06295 -6 WC1 Stitch

Sailing west from Naples, we came to the Italian island of Sardinia.  Its capital is Cagliari.

clip_image001  DSC06393 C Lion's Gate

Cagliari – Wikipedia

Our tour started with a drive to the beach.  Unfortunately it was not beach weather. A big storm had been through during the previous night and it left the day cool and windy (this was November – what do you expect!)

DSC06238 C Poetto Beach 

Poetto Beach with Poet’s Tower in the distance

In the summer the beaches are packed.  But today all was shuttered up.

DSC06240 C 

The salt flats are a favorite feeding ground for flamingos.

DSC06248 C Pink Flamingos

We visited the basilica of Our Lady of Bonaria.  No peeking in during the service.  Bad timing there…

DSC06288 90 WC 3 Stitch  DSC06287 CDSC06281 C Our Lady of Bonaria DSC06282 C

Next was the archeology museum. DSC06325 C

DSC06307 CDSC06310 CDSC06314 CDSC06317 C1DSC06320 CDSC06323 C

Cagliari is an old city, built on hills with narrow gates and narrow streets.

DSC06301 C DSC06346 C DSC06384 CDSC06395 C Bastione di San Remy  DSC06394 C

DSC06347 C

Heavily bombed in WWII, some of these old buildings still show the damage.

DSC06326 C1 From Mussolini

You can just make out “MUSSOLINI” on this wall.

DSC06327 C   DSC06330 CDSC06337 C  DSC06383 C  DSC06338 CDSC06340 C  DSC06388 C

My favorite sight was the Cagliari Cathedral, built in the 13th century.  It’s current façade was done in the 1930s.

DSC06341 -2 WC Duomo Santa Maria Stitch DSC06344 CDSC06355 C   DSC06351 -2 WC StitchDSC06357 CDSC06359 C  DSC06363 C1DSC06380 C       DSC06365 C

The best part was the amazing crypt carved out of the limestone hill.

DSC06375 C1DSC06371 C   DSC06379 CDSC06366 C In the crypt  DSC06382 C

DSC06390 C DSC06396 C DSC06399 C

DSC06389 C2 View of Our Lady of Bonaria

DSC06392 C from the Bastione Di San Remy

At the end of our tour we were in the right spot to take advantage of the sun peeking out.  The limestone bastions were aglow.


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