Gibraltar – The Rock

DSC06419 C  DSC06479 C the Maasdam

Our ship arrived at Gibraltar on a gray day.  We were lucky to have visited Gibraltar several years ago so I’m including some pictures from that trip when the weather was better! 

1023 C1 The Rock of Gibraltar  DSC06420 C

DSC06421 C Main Street

Gibraltar is a little bit of England on the southern end of Andalusia, Spain.

0949 C Gibraltar - Casemates Square

0955 C (2)   DSC06423 C   DSC06438 C

DSC06469 C      DSC06422 C

DSC06428 WC2 Fuse

The top of the Rock was in a fog this day but in October 2008 the weather was more cooperative.  The clouds rolled off the mountain and we took the cable car up to the top.

0951 C  DSC06453 C

0966 C Cable Car to Top  0969 C

0982 -5 C2 Stitch

Gibraltar is known for it’s population of semi-wild Barbary Macaques.  They congregate on the top of the rock where tourists are warned not to get too close.

0974 C Barbary Macaque Monkeys  0997 C

1007 C  1008 C

Even on that beautiful day the clouds rolled in.

0999 C  1012 C 

Back down to town and a short hike to the southern end of Gibraltar takes you past the King Fahd Mosque.

0960 C King Fahd Mosque

0961 C    0963 C1

This trip we visited the Botanic Garden.  It’s a lovely little park built in levels on the side of the mountain. 

DSC06443 C Botanicc Gardens

There were still blooms in November…..and cats!

DSC06447 C  DSC06436 C

DSC06448 C  DSC06451 C

DSC06445 C  DSC06450 C

DSC06465 C  DSC06462 C

This mother and baby macaque came down to town and crossed the street right in front of us.  We kept our distance, not wanting to irritate a mom!

DSC06466 C  DSC06467 C

DSC06472 C  DSC06475 C The Chipper Pub

We noticed this “American classic” diner but opted for a pub with wi-fi instead.

And so ends a day on the Rock of Gibraltar.

1013 C1


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3 Responses to Gibraltar – The Rock

  1. LizzieJoy says:

    Lovely to see some photos of Gibralter. I visited there several years ago. The ship docked in the evening and the weather wasn’t very good, so I didn’t get any photos. Thank you, dear friend.

  2. megtraveling says:

    Great pictures and I like your title too!

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